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    The Moving Goalpost at Flex

    We have been sold the idea that we needed to get rid of the Teamsters is order for us to become more competitive in the market. So now we will focus on service and safety, but I am afraid the company's focus will shift to profitability. Let's keep track of how things change-for the better or...
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    What does Frank really think of the Netjets Pilots?

    Hey NJ pilots. This is from the web site the decerters are running to try to bust the union at Flex. Here’s what the chief decerter Frank had to say about you: F Woelke F Woelke (@charger24) Admin Joined:1 year ago Posts: 243 22/05/2018 1:20 am Thousands of dollars of dues money spent on...
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    Remaining Flexible is nothing more than a no- drinking policy.

    When Options was mainly a fractional, you would fly 1-2 legs per day and sometimes you would sit(or swing a club) for a day or two. Back then, we were allowed to drink on our time off. Then we started doing more pop-up 135 trips. If you had a drink with dinner the night before, how can they...
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    All hat and no horn Handschuch

    RH sent out another email about how management supports the pilots. Management wants to work directly with the pilots to rebuilt that trust and work directly with the pilots and they claim the pilots will not be taken for granted . "A difficult assignment is a testament to our crews and not a...
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    If the 1108 goes away...

    What makes the in house CL 300/350 pilots think they will keep their pay? If a G-650 Captain makes $160,000, Kenn will claim he can only afford to pay them $150,000. You probably don't remember when Kenn was paying his personal pilots $35,000 when corporate pilots were making $50,000 on the...
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    Flexjet: One year in

    This is a post from APC. I couldn't have said it better myself. I just passed my 1 year mark at FJ and I thought I would post what I thought about my employment so far and maybe help answer any questions for those thinking about coming to FJ. Interview: The interview is a 3 part process: -1...
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    Why is Flex/Options/OneSky loosing so many pilots?

    "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.'Richard Branson Even though the seniority list hasn't been published in over a year, there is a reduction of over 127 pilots. The company can't fill a new hire class. In the last class of 6, 4 voluntarily...
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    Hard Landing

    IDENTIFICATION Date: 28-AUG-17 Time: 22:20:00Z Regis#: N503UP Aircraft Make: CESSNA Aircraft Model: 56X Event Type: ACCIDENT Highest Injury: NONE Aircraft Missing: No Damage: SUBSTANTIAL LOCATION City: SAN JOSE State: CALIFORNIA Country: UNITED STATES DESCRIPTION...
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    PD wants to be the next pilot representative to management.

    I come back to work and guess what? PD is handing out NMB representation cards for him to be the next pilot rep. Sorry PD, I remember when you wanted the Hawker SIC's to take a pay cut. Uncle used to claim he would be the best pilot advocate we could get. Shortly thereafter, he was escorted...
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    XO Jet enters marketing agreement with TMC Aviation?

    APC had it posted on their profile. Any info and is Tricky Ricci trying to weasel his way in using Sentient Jet? XO already uses Constant for their maintenance.
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    How is a OneSky Pilot like a

    How is a OneSky Pilot like a jet engine? If you are not whining, you are not being worked hard enough.
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    The Cleveland Spin Machine

    As we get closer to the final round of NEGOTIATIONS, expect more propaganda. Now the company wants more time because 2N Kenn is going to the board of directors. I have to ask myself "why now?" If 2N Kenn wanted to raise our pay, he could have done it with an LOA. Now the rumor mill wants you...
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    OneSky releases their seniority list

    No wonder they were dragging their feet on releasing the list. It clearly shows the company (KR)'s vision of leapfrogging over other pilots to get a slot in a bigger/nicer plane. What price did those pilots have to pay?
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    RL is justified in STEALING from other pilots and the passengers>

    Once again a RL crew STOLE food from us. Fanatical attention to detail? I don't see it. RL is all about themselves at the expense of other pilots and our passengers. Flashback to one of the "investigatory hearings" where Hellen Keller-Meyer blamed a crew for delaying a flight due to missing...
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    Flex pays $245,000/year?

    Recently a Flex pilot was bragging about making over $245,000 per year in a certain popular FBO. This pilot (AN) was hired less than 2 years ago! Can this be true?
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    Court Ruling

    Wow! The Flex pilots really lucked out with Judge Gwinn's recent ruling. The company took the position that the Flex pilots should be "folded-in" to the Options contract under Section 1.5, but the Judge ruled the negotiations were broad enough to be covered under Section 6. So, the company...
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    Clay Lacy gets another award?

    Ricci, Lacy To Be Honored as Aviation Living Legends Directional Aviation Capital principal Kenn Ricci and veteran aviator and business aviation executive Clay Lacy are among the honorees of the 14th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards. They will be recognized at an event on January 20 at...
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    What happened to the thread about the grinch?

    The thread about the Grinch got dropped. Someone's feelings get hurt?
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    The Onesky leadership is at it again.

    For those of you that have missed the latest move from the Onesky leadership here you go. Looks like they want to do what ever they want to do whenever they want. The leadership is attempting to sneak in an 11th hour contract that essentially gives the leadership free reign to do whatever they...
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    Professionaism at Options?

    How does it look when: 1)There is a Fleet Chief Pilot with so little time with the company, he would be furloughed except for the fact he is considered management? 2)They hire into the right seat of a Gulfstream, bypassing 250 FO's. The relative new hire get a pay rate higher than most of the...