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  1. Mickey Mouse

    What's The Mood at Republic for TA

    We now know that XJT and Eagle pilots have spoken. What is the mood at Republic? I know the voting was extended. Any assessments?
  2. Mickey Mouse

    XJT Stewardesses Will Soon Debut New Uniforms

    The XJT leadership team is starting to move in the right direction.
  3. Mickey Mouse

    Poll This!

    So now ALPA wants to talk to XJT pilots. Where were you for the last three years? Go stick your heads in the toilet, you putrid rapscallions! Stop sending me emails too.
  4. Mickey Mouse

    Give 'Em a Break, It Never Snows in the USA

    I think many XJT pilots are being unfair and unreasonable with XJT scheduling and the XJT operations management team. How are they supposed to know that it would snow in the winter in North America, of all places? Let's face it, historically speaking, it never snows in places like Cleveland...
  5. Mickey Mouse

    Now We Can Hate Him on the Line

    Ok, now we can go back to despising him on the flight deck. On Tuesday, Captain Ed Fortaw, Chairman of the ASA Contract Negotiating Committee (CNC), submitted his resignation to the ASA MEC shortly after the close of the vote. Captain Fortaw?s decision to vacate his position on the CNC was...
  6. Mickey Mouse

    I am Confused, Should I Right it Up?

    I am Confused, Should I Write it Up? The company is telling me to write it up, the union says don't. Oh my goodness, I am stuck in a moral dilemma. Dear FAA, what should I do? FROM YOUR MEC Management advised us late yesterday that it has received reports that some pilots may be planning to...
  7. Mickey Mouse

    Watch Out for the Burnout

    I'm noticing a steady deterioration in some of my colleagues in the Regional Airlines. Let's all be careful to avoid burning-out, due to our jobs as airline pilots. Take care of yourselves. If you don't, no one else will...
  8. Mickey Mouse

    XJT Mec Q&A = Bold Faced Lies

    Once again, the XJT MEC is engaging is disinformation by simply lying in order to get votes for their disgraceful TA. In the latest Nexus-Fastread email from the JNBC, they state that a pilot does not need company approval for alternate deadhead. They also fail to mention that the pilot will not...
  9. Mickey Mouse

    Please Take a Screen Shot of Your XJT TA Vote

    Please take a screen shot of your vote on the XJT TA. Keep it on your Smart Phone, so that when we meet at work and discuss the TA, I can verify your position and enjoy some valid camaraderie. Please also take a screen shot of the confirmation email that will be sent after you vote. Thanks, see...
  10. Mickey Mouse

    Don't Give It Away ASA

    The TA Vote starts tomorrow. Don't give up hard fought work rules and compensation. You deserve it. You deserve more.
  11. Mickey Mouse

    A Special Holiday Message from Chad and Barlie at ExcuseJet

    Hi Pilots, Chad and Barlie would like to extend a special holiday greeting to all ExcuseJet pilots. We know that you all work very hard at your highly skilled jobs as airline pilots, and that you spend way too much time away from loved ones, but that is really not important right now. Profits...
  12. Mickey Mouse

    Shave Your Butt in December

    I would like to carry on the recent tradition of cancer awareness that has recently gripped our culture. In that spirit, I would like to ask all pilots to shave their butts in December and demonstrate their support for research in anal cancer. It is very important that participants in this...
  13. Mickey Mouse

    2013 AQP Training

    I just spoke with a friend who had training two weeks ago. She shared some training information with me regarding some focus items this year. -There is a strong focus on MX procedures and documentation. For example, items deferred but not on release, or items on release but not in can. Any MX...