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    The Warthog abides

    Works good, lasts a long time. :)
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    Norway fjords in late August

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    Alaska in late August

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    Alaska Railroad

    We just took their "Rails & Trails" package, and it was absolutely great. The Alaska Railroad is a national treasure. Passengers have posted some good photos on this website:
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    Aviation Maintenance

    Possible job opportunities, Lake Charles, LA
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    Bombardier airtankers at work

    Spanish AF crews:
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    Proof that B-scales don't work
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    Last of the dinosaurs?

    Here's an interesting article which asserts that there has been a significant change, not just in our profession, but in the pilots themselves:
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    National Parks lifetime pass

    Good deal for those age 62 and over:
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    Harriers in Afghanistan

    Book Recommendation: A Nightmare's Prayer A Marine Harrier Pilot's War in Afghanistan by Michael Franzak, USMC Lt. Col. (Ret.)
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    Airline pay to rise?

    Any good news is welcome. :)
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    Grand Canyon rafting

    Anyone have recommendations for this type of vacation? Thanks.
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    Aviation career guide - 1947
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    Another ex-NWA manager goes to Delta

    ATLANTA, Nov. 29, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL - News) today announced that Stephen Gorman, 52, a proven leader in airline and other industries, will join the company as its new executive vice president - Operations, beginning Dec. 1. He will be responsible for Flight...
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    Delta and Continental NOT talking

    Hmmm...very suspicious.
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    Tentative Agreement at Delta

    DALPA announced at 0800 today that pilot and management negotiators have reached a tentative agreement. It will have to be ratified by the MEC and by the membership. No further details available yet.