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  1. Oakum_Boy

    Abu Dhabi slaying

    Wonder how many EK/EY wives will be leaving after this
  2. Oakum_Boy

    Fleet repurposing.

    I've got an idea: BEER CANS
  3. Oakum_Boy

    XJT "imploding"?
  4. Oakum_Boy

    UA to charge UAX employees per segment

    Thread running on another board about UA beginning to charge segment fees on every flight for regional employees. Can someone elaborate which UAX carrier received this circular and will it be 'own metal' as well? Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse..
  5. Oakum_Boy

    More ASA temp basings

    Too bad for the IAD guys and gals. Getting yo-yo'd around meanwhile your buddies from ATL getting free hotel rooms, per diem and you're stuck paying rent. Thanks ALPA.
  6. Oakum_Boy

    ABC now

    Show "What Would You Do?" has some fake pilots drinking at bars gauging candid reactions. I'm pissed to say the least.
  7. Oakum_Boy

    Question for CRJ pilots

    Why, after years flying the darned thing do you continue to use the flight SPOILERS to slow the airplane? I'm getting a little tired of seeing it, frankly. I guess they didn't teach the difference between a speedBRAKE and spolier at ATP or Riddle Diddle. Yet you all think you're da bomb. Flame...
  8. Oakum_Boy

    asa already advertising duty rigs as benefit

    This is great. I guess they're pretty sure it will pass. Or desperate. Or both. And what is the "computer clause"?
  9. Oakum_Boy

    Why do regional pilots....

    .....think flying is to be "won"? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Fighting over scraps. Like sickly dogs.
  10. Oakum_Boy

    Fired for Playboy

    Sergeant Stripped From Ranks? Does anyone think the XJET model/pilot will get the same treatment? I think not. Probably a promotion, if anything.
  11. Oakum_Boy

    New airline, great deal. I'm going to Wendy's, right now.
  12. Oakum_Boy

    King Air w/gear prob on TV

    King Air 100- pilot tried to "knock down" right main by bouncing on the rwy several times, almost going off the edge. Now circling. Fox News channel.
  13. Oakum_Boy

    Speeding tickets, again.

    I'm having trouble remembering the months, much less the years that I had speeding tickets. Two of them in my lifetime. I can't remamber any details whatsoever. The DMV records shows nothing as the last was I think in 1994, but not for sure. Do I need to disclose these at all? I'm afraid that my...
  14. Oakum_Boy

    ASA pilot magic senority?

    Anyone notice that a certain individual, who shall remain nameless here- has gone from a 500 to 200 number? Check the latest vacancy bid for SLC captain. He's there. What is up with this trick? How do I apply?
  15. Oakum_Boy

    AirTran pilot arrested?

    His picture is on the ATL news websites. I feel for this guy right now.
  16. Oakum_Boy

    Delta CEO defends fare changes. 'We may have already made mistakes.' The future of Delta is in this guys hands?
  17. Oakum_Boy

    Mgmt flying during a strike

    What are the ramifications for a management pilot who flies a revenue or repositioning flight(s) during a pilot strike. Are they scabbing or not? I remember some retired guys or someone flying Comair planes during the strike who were labeled as such.
  18. Oakum_Boy

    Trimming below Vref?

    I have an FO who trims continuously until touchdown. In order to get a smooth touchdown I guess. I've never felt it necessary to do this in any airplane. My question is that I don't think this is a wonderful technique, because if there were a need to balk the landing below Vref for say...
  19. Oakum_Boy

    The highlight of my evening

    Kind of slow download, but worth it.
  20. Oakum_Boy

    CRJ9 F/A account.

    hey y'all.... today I was the flight attendant on ...........(Yeah, it sucks for 3 hours in sucha small plane) Anyways... I was done serivng drinks and we were throwing the trash when all of a sudden the plane starts vibrating and we hear the gnines like choking, then we drop...then we...