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  1. gutshotdraw

    IBT Lawsuit

    Saw the announcement today that IBT has filed suit against DAC/FO/FJ for stonewalling negotiations for a joint CBA and the seniority list submitted by 1108. DAC/FO/FJ called IBT's seniority integration "patently unfair" despite that list apparently receiving unanimous approval fom the pilot...
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    United Abandons JFK

    Well, at least the commute just got easier for some.... Discuss.
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    To My Friend G4Dude

    Dude, Given today's events, are you now willing to admit that picketing, advertising, leverage building and growing union solidarity DO produce tangible results? Even you must acknowledge that the fundamental roadblock to a positive future for this company and this career was removed LARGELY...
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    KCM Policy

    Any truth to the rumor that you are no longer required to be in uniform to utilize the Known Crewmember access point?
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    The Accidental CEO

    Since it's unlikely I'll run across you on the road any time soon for that 3 beer conversation G4Dude, this is for you. You asked a little while ago what's so bad about NetJets management in general and our CEO in particular. Well, let's review, shall we? Since his ascension to CEO in the...
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    Part 91 Mandatory Retirement

    Hmmmmmmmm. Ironically, the same people in my shop who pound the table the hardest for "one level of safety" when demanding we adhere to Part 121 rest rules (ie: 117), will also be the loudest ones decrying this...
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    And So It Begins

    Unionized Employees Picket NetJets Corporate Office Members send unequivocal message of solidarity COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In a powerful display of solidarity, approximately 200 unionized NetJets employees participated in an informational picket across the street...
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    The Vegas Line on JetBlue

    Okay folks. JetBlue voting opens on the 25th. Surely* it's not too early to start posting predictions. I'm no expert but I do have friends at B6 and I'm thinking Vegas would make the OVER the favorite. Now, gambling on-line is still illegal in 48 states but let's hear your pick. *Or...
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    Keep the Faith

    To all NJA furloughs planning on returning: Keep the faith guys and gals. The tide is turning. Just this week, two more pilots announced openly on the boards they are leaving for other employment, and another announced his retirement. In my fleet this week, one senior PIC retired and one...
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    National Business Aviation Association 2013

    Some random musings from NBAA 2013 in no particular order. Seems as if the OEM's are rolling out the red carpet again with LOT's of staff and the full court press on potential buyers. Displays are opulent, professional, and well attended even if the SWAG seems to be harder to come by than in...
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    As the Section 6 negotiations at NetJets are just getting going, one contract proposal that seems to be gathering a lot of support is the notion of a 10 year, 7-7 schedule PIC having a base wage of $250,000 and extrapolating the rest of the pay scale from that point. Now, before anybody jumps...
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    Breaking News

    This just in.... In an extremely rare sighting, a Judge with common sense has been spotted in a North Carolina courtroom. Legal analysts say there may yet be hope for the U.S. civil justice system. From AvWeb: Stowaway Suit Dismissed A North Carolina judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed...
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    Vision Air Kharma

    Occasionally, just occasionally, kharma bites the right people in the a$$. The Acor brothers deserve every bit of this, and more. Good for the crewmembers. I hope they get a check. A big one. And right soon. Court upholds hazard pay jury verdict against airline BY TIM O'REILEY LAS VEGAS...
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    TWA Lawsuit

    I understand from a friend at the former TWA that the lawsuit against ALPA for the merger shaft job has begun. Anybody have details? Hard to believe its been almost a DECADE.
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    As of 1808E on 02-24-2011, Netjets is officially a very unpleasant place of employment. Discuss.
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    Fatigue Loophole?

  17. gutshotdraw

    Attention SWA's Ad Agency

    For the ad agency currently running the Southwest Airlines account. "Bag Police" ad: Brilliant The REALLY gay-looking F/O with a guitar leading a bunch of dancing schmucks like the Pied Piper ad: Not so brilliant Discuss
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    Gotta Luv Teeterhole

    Nicely done. Enjoy!
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    NJA Uniform Change

    So. As of November, leather jackets are approved as outerwear option at Netjets. Sounds like time for a poll: Yea or Nay? For me, resounding YEA. Looking forward to the new tie as well.
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