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    Colgan Air (Lacrosse)

    I spent a few hours in their FBO, I was not impressed with their service.
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    San Juan Hotel Help

    Usually stay in the Marriott Condado, it is nice. Recently stayed in the Condado Vanderbilt next door to the Marriott, it is nicer.
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    Misdemeanors, DUI, Reckless Driving

    We got a pilot from an acquisition, he got arrested for DUI his first week on the job. We never had anyone get a DUI before so there was no policy on it. He got it reduced to reckless driving and spent a weekend in jail. If he had been convicted of DUI he would have been fired, but I guess...
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    The General's Son

    All seats on DAL smell like this kid was sitting there... And every DAL FA is too lazy to clean it up... And since DAL leaves the seat belt sign on for the whole flight why wouldn't somebody sh1t in their seat?
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    Delta retires last DC-9

    Look, It is horrible to make a good six figures and only work 10 days a month, but I am sure DAL is better General (ok, we do not get leftover ice cream from the Business Class Pax so I will give you that). So, my latest DAL customer service expirements. Coming back from a nice weekend in NYC...
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    Delta retires last DC-9

    I have switched to Lufthansa or Air France for trips to Europe. Domestic out of ATL has fewer options. Here is an idea, get some better aircraft and better customer service. It great that you bought an oil refinery, use some of the money you are saving to make the customer experience better...
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    Delta retires last DC-9

    I am surprised Delta isn't still flying the DC-3. I can make Gold to Platnium every year on Delta and honestly I am tired of crappy old airplanes with no overhead baggage area. I am also of old FA's with a bad attitude.
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    King Air down FTY

    I am not knocking the guy, didn't know him but I read that he once crash landed a King Air in the Nevada Desert and all survived. Thats interesting.
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    Vacation Bidding, How Do You Do It?

    We never have enough staffing because we have to plan to crew every aircraft (4) every day of the year. So, only 4 pilots can be off on any given day unless someone is in recurrent training (which causes the number who can be off to be reduced to 2 or 3). So, I have to come up with a way to...
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    Vacation Bidding, How Do You Do It?

    If you have a large department (say more than 10 pilots) I would like your feedback on how you award vacation. Our corporate policy states that if two people want the same dates that DOH seniority rules. That is it, no other guidance is provided. I have to develop a new policy that is more...
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    Why is AT&T losing its pilots?

    An "outsider to right the ship", I guess this is the dream of corporate pilots everywhere? As bad as our management can be, the ones designated to replace them are a lot worse (hint, Riddle grads...).
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    Former AA Interns / AA Hiring

    Has American recalled all of the furloughed American pilots? What about those TWA pilots?
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    definition of crew rest

    Wow, you only get 8 hours of rest in 24 hours under 125.37, so you can be on duty for 16 hours? Crew rest is defined under 91.1057
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    Alternative to blue juice?

    Plain water....
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    Psychic abilities

    If you don't believe in it he will guess Hell? LOL...
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    Hong Kong Pay/Benefits

    I know a guy who would know, but does he still post here?
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    UPS Airbus down in Birmingham

    I cannot believe that some on here are already casting blame on the crew and the gender of the crew when nothing is known about the nature of this accident. A total lack of class, grow up!
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    Why is AT&T losing its pilots?

    Basically ex-Marine means you were kicked out with a bad discharge (OTH, BCD or DD).
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    Age limit will increase to 67 by years end.

    I agree with you. Being in Part 91 we can fire any pilot who doesn't perform regardless of age. I guess in the unionized airlines it isn't so easy to get rid of poor performers? But they still have to get a First Class medical and pass their checkrides I guess?
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    Age limit will increase to 67 by years end.

    I don't see age 60, 65 or 67 as realistic retirement ages any longer. 70 is the new 60, so that seems about the right time to go. With people living into their 80's and 90's now you have to work longer to survive. The decline in health care that will come with Obamacare might change this, but...