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    Netjets unable to accept rejection

    I read a post on here several months ago regarding an "unable to accept your rejection" letter for netjets. I did a search but can't find it. Does anyone know where I can find this letter? Its freakin hilarious..
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    Security proof shoes

    Anyone know where you can get a good pair of black dress shoes that you don't have to take off everytime you go through the metal detector?
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    Falcon 2000

    Just curious, for the netjets guys, is the Falcon 2000 fleet separate from the 2000ex fleet? Different pilots? Is it a different type rating? I'm going to 2000 school soon and just trying to learn a little more about the program
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    NJA Hiring

    Just curious, Any new hires, or interviewies....What percentage of your interview class got the offer? How big are the interview classes? Thanks
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    Property Taxes comparing PBI and DAL

    If anyone who lives around the Dallas TX area or the West Palm Beach area could please provide me with some information about property tax rates. My fiancee and i are trying to choose if we'd rather be located in Dallas or PBI for Netjets. The houses are MUCH cheaper in Dallas but i was told by...
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    Netjets Frequent flyer

    Do you get to keep the frequent flyer miles from the reposition flights, or just from Hilton Honors? Fiancee and i are trying to decide whether to stay in Florida and barely be able to afford a house in the West Palm Beach area or just up and move to Dallas where it is much more affordable, and...
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    Netjets employee please help

    I'm finishing off my application today and need advice on filling one part out. Could a current NJA guy help me out and PM me for details. GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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    NETJETS since 21st

    Anyone had an interview since the TA passed? I'm getting my application package in no later than next week with a letter of rec. Anyone have any idea how long it takes to get the interview? Do they interview just about everyone with enough time and a letter of rec? Have they let people pick...
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    NBAA rates

    Is there a way to view NBAA pay rates without being a member of NBAA?
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    Anyone know anything about this company? Jetselect in columbus OH...Thanks
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    Netjets ? for New hires

    Here's the situation...Getting married in March...Got my application done and ready to be walked in...Several thousand dollars already spent on wedding deposits...What are my chances of getting my wedding off if i get hired in say a month or two? Thanks guys!
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    Background check

    Anyone know of any easy ways to look up old employment info as well as previous addresses. I moved a hundred times in 10 years and now am filling out a 10 year history. If unable to find it, does anyone know if it is ok to list a permanent address such as parents, in lieu of temporary addresses...
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    Netjets hiring

    Does anyone know if nja has been interviewing or calling applicants since the TA was reached? I sent my resume via the website as soon as i heard the news. Just wondering what to expect...Also, without a letter of rec, is 3200 total, 2200 Jet and 1100 pic jet competitive? Thanks for any info
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    NetJets application

    I just completed the resume process for NJA. I have 3200 total. 2200 turbojet, 1200 of that is PIC in lear jets. Anything else i can do to assure myself of an interview or should i just sit tight?
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    Lear jet PIC jobs in the southeast

    Anyone know of any part 91 lear jet operators in either SC, NC, or GA that operate lear jets and may be hiring outside cpts? Any info would help!