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    Tired? Contact your Senator!

    Over the course of the next several days, the Senate will consider HR636, which includes Amendment 3747. The measure, sponsored by Sen. James Inhofe, calls for the creation of an FAA Advisory Rulemaking Committee tasked with updating pilot duty and rest rules for those crewmembers who fly on...
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    Ted Cruz attacks Airline Pilot Profession

    Posted on my companies internal message board. I thought I'd post here to get more visibility. Notify your union Political Action Committees. Contact your congressman. US Senator attacks American Samoa cabotage law A US presidential...
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    Single-Engine Land Instructor Dallas

    Need an instructor and plane. I would like to get my single-engine land rating. Prior military, ATP and four types. I live in Plano, so ADS or Mckinney would be good. Will also consider other airports. I have vacation the first part of December. PM me and I'll exchange phone numbers. Thanks
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    Telex 750 Ear covers and Mic screen NEW

    Have a few ear covers and Mic screens for the Telex 750 Airman I just bought the Ufly mic and Bose headset, don't need the Telex stuff anymore. Send me a Private Message. If you respond here I may never see it.
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    TELEX 750 Headset

    I have a Telex 750 I haven't used in a while. Included is a new mike muff and foam earpieces. $120 shippping and insured. PM me for more info.
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    Expired High Altitude, Low Altitude and WAC

    If you'd like some cheap charts let me know. I have recently expired High Altitude Latin America 3/4. Low Altitude 31/32 49/50, SE1/2, Latin America 3/4 6/8. United States Low Altitude Flight Planning Chart. WAC CF-19 and CG-19. MCI DEN SFO Area Charts Havana and Kingston Area Charts...
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    Tomahawk Verical Stabalizer.

    My friend is cleaning out his garage. I agreed to help him sell a Piper Tomahawk Vertical Stabilizer. Here's the story. He leased his Tomahawk to a flying school. The vertical stabilizer was damaged. He scoured the area's FBO's and flight school's looking for a used one. No luck. He contacted...
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    Citation X Checklist and Pilot Training Manual

    Link didn't work. Try a search on Ebay. Thanks.
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    Free Lear 60!

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    NetJets Warning

    Everyone excited about NetJets be forewarned, this is the FO salary: year 1- $2259 per month year 2- $2364 year 3- $2469 year 4- $2574 year 5- $2680 You may be getting advice from someone, "yeah we only make $xxxx, but we get per diem and hotel points." That may be true, but often times you...
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    Island flyer is an idiot!

    The guy that goes by "Island flyer" is the first one I have chosen to ignore. What a loser!
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    The end of Flexjet?

    SBD SBD-Sorry 'bout Dat
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    EJA Middle East

    Does anyone have any information on EJA Middle East. Pay, work schedule or Point of contact? Thanks in advance.