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  1. Nevets

    weight shift control

    Anyone know of a website directory of where one can get weight shift control training?
  2. Nevets

    SAPA "Negotiations" Update

    SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association SAPA President Update June 21, 2013 Negotiations Update The negotiating committee met with management this week and everyone seems to want to know how it is going. Frankly, it is still very early in the process. This update will be a little short on details...
  3. Nevets

    I find that type of attitude a sad premonition for the future of your merger with XJT

    7 March 2012 David and Dennis, First and most important I would like to thank you for giving Crewing Solutions an opportunity to demonstrate and educate you on SmartPref as a different approach to solving the PBS dilemma that faces crews everywhere. We wish you the best in your continued use...
  4. Nevets

    It's Time for a Minimum Wage for Airline Pilots
  5. Nevets

    Congress to Hold News Conference to Announce Air Safety Improvement 2:30EST
  6. Nevets

    Asap & foqa

    Curious as to which regionals have an ASAP program (with an signed MOU from the FAA, company, and union) and a FOQA program.
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    Court rules eeoc suit can proceed to trial against skywest airlines In its lawsuit (EEOC v. SkyWest Airlines, Inc., N.D. Ill. No 07 C 4925), the EEOC alleges that SkyWest discriminated against three former employees by subjecting them to sexual harassment by a co-worker and then firing them in retaliation for complaining about...
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    RAH considered XJT, EGL, CMR / UK - Republic Airways'looks beyond provider with twin bids mark a change in course
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    These guys get it

    JetBlue pilots file petition with NMB for sole bargaining agent representation (New York) – JetBlue Pilots Association officials today filed a petition with the National Mediation Board (NMB) to gain recognition as the sole bargaining agent for the nearly 2,000 pilots...
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    A Valuable Security Tool for Globe-Spanning ALPA Members

    As another benefit of ALPA membership, the National Security Committee provides an outstanding planning tool to help determine the safety and security of your worldwide destinations. The resource is called “World Watch,” an all-inclusive, continually updated intelligence database that...
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    National Seniority Protocol

  12. Nevets

    Student Loans & FAMs

    Has the FAA started their student loan repayment program? Also, does anybody know what is going on with the FAM program as well?
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    Cleared To Dream
  14. Nevets

    Drift Down Routes

    Any controller ever have a pilot unable to accept a reroute due to being on a drift down or terrain clearance route? And what did and or the pilot do about it?
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    Airline Pilot Unions

    The aircraft lumbers to the gate, the nose wheel bouncing over the potholes that the airport authority has deemed not deep enough to repair. The jet bridge gently bumps the plane’s side, the door slides open and the day starts to come to a close. The parking checks are completed, the grumbling...
  16. Nevets

    One Definition of Pattern Bargaining

    Any new collective bargaining agreements entered into by other regional carriers may also result in higher industry wages and increased pressure on us to increase the wages and benefits of our employees. Future agreements with unionized and non-unionized employees may be on terms that are not as...
  17. Nevets

    ExpressJet Reports November 2007 Performance

    HOUSTON, Dec 11, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- ExpressJet Holdings (NYSE: XJT) today announced traffic and capacity results for November 2007 for its ExpressJet Airlines subsidiary. The results include statistics for both contract and branded operations. The contract...
  18. Nevets

    Post Election Membership Initiative at SkyWest

    Following the completion of a successful organizing campaign of the SkyWest pilots and the NMB certification vote of ALPA as the SkyWest Pilots bargaining representative, a membership drive will need to be initiated to encourage all SkyWest pilots to complete membership applications...
  19. Nevets

    View the October 25, 2007 letter from the ASA MEC to all SkyWest Pilots

    Dear fellow SkyWest, Inc. pilot: As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the atmosphere here at Atlantic Southeast Airlines has taken on quite a charge over the past couple of weeks! Late in the evening of September 28, our Contract Negotiating Committee (CNC) and representative members of our Master...
  20. Nevets

    What did SAPA do about this?!

    Here is a list of things gathered from Skywest pilots. SkyWest Policy Manual/Benefit Changes ·Travel benefits- buddy passes no longer free, charged for non-rev now, lost companion passes on UAL ·Reserve- bucket system led to seniority loss; replaced a seniority-based reserve system...