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    GulfGuy from the porn lounge, please pm me. I have something private I would like to tell you about my personal experience with FW.
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    Seems Judge Gwin has called the parties back to court on January 12. Check your IBT emails and attend, in uniform! if you can.
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    The Fix Is In

    At least that's what every text I've received today says. More than two dozen guys are seeing exactly what management's idea of fair and equitable is; totally ignore seniority to promote the least qualified. Support your union.
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    The vote

    We win!!!!!!
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    Past Practice Indicates Future Performance

    Rick Handschuch urged you to use past practices as the best indicator of future performance. The new Red Label pay rates are the perfect opportunity to do just that with Kenn and his management team. The rates look good, really good! But they only apply to a minuscule percentage of us. By year...
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    Red Label Pay

    The new red label payscales look pretty good. How many actual pilots will be on those scales? Netjets will have 100% of their pilots on the new scales they negotiate. By my math, we will have less than 20% on red label. Remember, those are only for the three captains per airplane, and no new red...
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    Ricci Ruse/Handschuch Hustle

    As we near the vote, watch for this oldie but goodie! Handschuch and/or Jason will tell a pilot something along these lines: "If the union is voted out, Kenn will immediately increase pilot pay to make you THE HIGHEST PAID PILOTS IN THE INDUSTRY. Kenn won't put it in writing, but pass that along...
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    Kenn didn't know about the STIP?

    Flexjet pilots, go to your company email. Type "bonus" in the search box. Read the email from RH from March 2014, including the attached letter from Kenn. Remember Kenn saying he didn't know about the STIP at the Feb 2015 meeting? Judge for yourself who is lying. Send in your card.
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    Flight Options Negotiations

    Have you started negotiations?
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    Pilotyip, this one's for you!

    Not exactly majors, but I wanted to make sure you saw this. Pretty cool.
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    usapa loa93

    Disregard, found it again.
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    Any news on when the court will rule on the company's case?
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    CO/UAL Pension

    I haven't seen this question in the CO/UAL merger threads. What happens to COs defined benefit pension plan?
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    Atlantic bucks 2010

    My suggestion to pool Atlantic bucks for charity was met with some derision in 2009. Herewith a different proposal for 2010. Find someone to pool your Atlantic bucks with, buy a couple (three or four?) gift cards and split the cards amongst yourselves. At least Atlantic won't be off the hook for...
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    Could someone tell me if/what the merger process is for these two airlines? Thank you.
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    Disappearing thread

    If the Dooker B19 profile thread was deleted because it was a personal attack, why is B19 still allowed to be on the board? Everything he posts is a personal attack.
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    What's the attrition rate at Comair these days?

    Just wondering how many are bailing a month. Still alot?
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    Anybody have the phone number for q-deck? I can't find them on google. Thanks.
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    I am the first

    I am the first to post! Woohoo! ALPA sucks. Go independant!