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  1. belchfire

    In 10 years AOC says, No more airlines!

    Not quite given that the most corrupt and distrusted corruptocrat to ever pollute the US political scene actually lost the last election... You can disagree openly as far as I'm concerned-because I believe in the Constitution, Amendments and Bill of Rights (unlike many libtards who are trying...
  2. belchfire

    ImagineAir Expansion ?

    You can't follow an "Uber" type model in aviation-the equipment costs are too damn high even if you could find people to fly them for free!
  3. belchfire

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    Interesting...I don't know how many of the ASA or Express Jet types are on the street still but he missed out on a glut of experienced RJ people. The thing is that many of them have been around a long time and well beyond malleable to fir the cookie cutter any start-up is going to want to stamp...
  4. belchfire

    ImagineAir Expansion ?

    While nothing to laugh about, it seems that G may have been correct...of course all hindsight is 20/20!
  5. belchfire


    Certificated Air Carriers are like the bars that hire garage bands for weekend live music... in other words they're all bottom feeders-some just have better work rules and pay than others!
  6. belchfire


    Place sounds like a tax write-off to me...
  7. belchfire


    Not if they don't have any flights! :eek:
  8. belchfire

    American Pilot Disappeared after Getting New Type Rating

    But his Engrish is pretty good, you must admit! :LOL: Yep...that is a reasonable guess. Either that or a PO'd native that is upset because those who can afford to hire foreign pilots due to the lack of qualified locals because they don't want their bizjet to become a method of population...
  9. belchfire

    Cabin Crew Training in Chennai

    I do believe that in the interest of full disclosure it should be mentioned that while in India the Western Digestive System may very well be exposed to all kinds of new, previously unencountered and interesting bacteria and toxins that could result in violent chills, explosive percolating azz...
  10. belchfire

    EAL back in business

    Ya know, if I recall correctly I saw a 67 in Eastern colors in Miami back January or or perhaps in the early spring so they have a machine or two out there somewhere...
  11. belchfire

    Diarrhea in a freighter?

    15 years and still flowing! Montezuma's Revenge has got to be pretty rough but from what I've seen as intestinal distress goes, Delhi Belly takes no prisoners-er, or maybe makes the victims prisoners of the lav!
  12. belchfire

    New Part 135 SIC Regulation

    This may actually be a good thing and if done properly will not only open up a new path for young pilots to gain valuable, real world experience as well as enhancing safety in a segment of the market that is given to lowering costs by operating single pilot IFR with the inherently high workloads...
  13. belchfire

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    :ROFLMAO: Jack-booted Smurfs... OMG you just made my day! :ROFLMAO: The thing that is so sad to me is that as offensive as the very fact that they even have to exist in this world is, they aren't as bad as the airlines themselves have become. United has aircraft on it's certificate that can...
  14. belchfire


    Regardless, more management does not make flying safer. In fact it is frequently the case that FAA mandated management is the problem rather than the solution. I don't know much about Bank Air but I have worked with a couple of guys who had done time at a certain Convair operator and lived to...
  15. belchfire

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    Yeah, I'm approaching old fart status and can recall when Air Travel was civilized and people actually dressed up for the occasion, when even on a 45 minute flight there was a full meal service and when a family of four or five could actually travel together on passes. Even big airports were...
  16. belchfire


    There is a cutout for one man part 135 ops, or at least there was and all of the things you point out may have been purchased and the FAA is nesting on them. Now if they are in the process of trying to move from one classification to another that might explain things. Or maybe they aren't up...
  17. belchfire

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    Apparently you haven't been trapped in the last row in one of Untied's new 737 sardine cans for 6 hours with the "slimline" know, the ones with just almost enough padding to cover up the rivets. Hell, if you put an illegal alien in one of those seats for 6 hours on the ride back to...
  18. belchfire

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    I don't know much about TAP (outside that they use an uncomfortably short seat pitch in coach between Lisbon and Cape Verde!) but I'm not sure I'd want anything to do with an outfit started by the same guy that started Jet Blue. Do we really need another crappy low-cost carrier?
  19. belchfire


    I wonder if it is a resurrection of the old Carolina Air Transport (from Lincoln County, NC) or if the name is a coincidence? In 1999 & 2000 when I was hauling checks in the Mid-Atlantic there was a nice FBO and a few business type aircraft in Florence. I was waiting for the courier one day...
  20. belchfire

    Looking for an old Politically Incorrect UAL poem

    This is yet another example of the failure of that inane mental masturbation exercise known as "Political Correctness" rather than a reflection on the quality of any pilot group. No one cares if the male FO scares the crap out of you-unless it happens to be a male with fair skin and two...