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  1. bafanguy

    Purdue University Bachelor's Degree

    Purdue has shortened its bachelor's degree curriculum to three years. Not too sure that has any effect on the pilot shortage:
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    Asian Start-Up Airlines

    Interesting wrinkle on Starlux, a Taiwan start-up. Appears they're funding the cost to their ab initio pilots. However, not sure what "accommodated" means: "Our cadets will be trained in the United States for approximately one year prior to receiving their Commercial Pilot License, followed...
  3. bafanguy

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    My guess would be none.
  4. bafanguy

    American Airlines Training Grants

    AA getting 'em motivated young:
  5. bafanguy

    ImagineAir Expansion ?

    I make no claim of business acumen or knowledge but I just don't see how a company like this could make a go of it. Even with light jets the model didn't last. DayJets ? PogoJets ? I just don't see market enough to sustain it.
  6. bafanguy

    Instrument and Commercial simultaneous training

    Have you tried jetcareers to ask your question ? They have more traffic and lots of people discussing training issues:
  7. bafanguy

    DOT Helps Vets Become Pilots ?

    This appears to be the same idea as Forces to Flyers. Why are both programs needed ? "Democrat Tammy Baldwin, along with Sen. John Hoewven, R-N.D., has reintroduced the American Aviator Act that would offer funding for veterans to train to become airline pilots."...
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    Asian Start-Up Airlines

    They just keep comin'. I stopped listing them for a long time but here's another:
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    ExpressJet Rotor-Transition Program

    Are these rotor-to-fixed wing programs having an effect on Army RW pilot retention ? It's a reasonable question: “One question I often get asked is, are the airlines impacting your shortfall,” Brig. Gen. Michael C. McCurry, director of Army aviation for the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff...
  10. bafanguy

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    Found this statement about Moxey on another forum. Sounds like things are moving a bit: "Hiring has begun. Didn't sound like they're looking for line pilots at this point, mostly management, and those to help start the airline. Could be wrong on that as it's very early still. Been swapping...
  11. bafanguy

    FedEx quesyons

    Good. Give it your best shot. It's a great job but hard to get as they hire fewer people than their pax counterparts.
  12. bafanguy

    FedEx quesyons

    Might find some info here. But, are you able to apply to FedEx and work in their US bases too ?
  13. bafanguy

    Southwest will not hire flight options or flex jet pilots

    Sorry but what are "former DAC pilots" ?
  14. bafanguy

    UAL's New Headhunting Program

    Very "Propel"-like:
  15. bafanguy

    Southwest will not hire flight options or flex jet pilots

    If you're saying that Options/Flex pilots hired were summarily dismissed from SWA following union decert at their previous employers, I'd have to see unequivocal proof of that. I must be misreading something in your post. Unions don't do the hiring, companies do. Unions may express opinions...
  16. bafanguy

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    This is the first mention I've seen of Moxy and pilot supply: “One of our challenges there is an acute pilot shortage in the U.S.,” says Trey Urbahn, who’s involved with Moxy and also works closely with Neeleman at TAP as the Portuguese carrier’s chief strategy officer. He notes that new rules...
  17. bafanguy

    The end of Comair

    Huh ? What ?
  18. bafanguy

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    More indication he's just getting an earlier start for Moxy:
  19. bafanguy

    MOXY...Neeleman's latest start up

    Uh, what ? David Neeleman has started the process of setting up another airline in the US in addition to the planned Airbus A220 operator Moxy. Neeleman is in the process of securing another air operator’s certificate (AOC) for the carrier that will operate a fleet of Embraer E1 E195s...