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    Tell KCM to stick it

    KCM came out with new rules. They want us to be required to wear a uniform when passing thru their checkpoints and they want to implement even more random checks Which basically defeats the whole purpose of going thru all the BS that was required to get KCM in the first place. I suggest every...
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    Flex bid Gone

    Flex Flight Attendants have lost their Flex Bid schedule. Why would one Flex pilot think their not next? KR Loves your Flexbid correct ???? Then why would the Flight Attendants lose it?? We been saying since day one he will get rid of that schedule and here’s step 1. Getting ready for...
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    World class pilots

    I need to dress this BULL SHT I'm gonna start the list feel free to add on to it World Class Pilots Are we Paid Treated have a QOL have Health Benefits Vacation n sick time seniority system Like WORLD CLASS PILOTS??????? F@CK NO Just when I thought the SHT couldn't get any deeper
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    Flexjet considers Furloughs

    Seems Flexjet is overstaffed and doesn't have the business to sustain itself. Asking for voluntary separation or the threat of furloughs looms. How is it they just hired off the street just a few months ago ??????
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    Ibt vote new or old?

    Just wondering how the Vote is going for upcoming election if anyone wants to post which way they are leaning. I voted New VDM slate.
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    Flops letting more go??

    I heard that Flops is finally getting rid of all those PSms..And that they have like 5 asst chief pilots that there getting rid of? Can anyone verify? Did upper mgt finally figure out they sit around and do nothing all day at 100k + a year???
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    This is why Flops cancelled Phenoms

    Flight Options places $150 million order for 40 aircraft Story Too CLEVELAND (AP) - Private travel operator Flight Options said Tuesday it placed a $150 million order for 40 aircraft from Nextant Aerospace. The company said the planes would reduce fuel and maintenance costs and let it...
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    Exec parties as Flops drops 50

    BT was enjoying a much deserved vacation riding around in a Flops Beechjet with his wife as Flops furloughed another 50 some pilots I hear. Whats that Union doing for you guys?
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    Flops Legacies going???

    Sittin at a FBO today heard that Flops just Dumped Four Legacies. And the new one they were suppose to take delivery of this month has already been Sold to another Company..Anyone else heard this?? Sounds like there Dismantling the Legacy program
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    Flops laughing stock

    I was sittting at a airport FBO today listening to a mechanic a pilot and I believe a Net Jet Owner..They were talking about Flops and what a piss poor operation they have. The owner made the statement "its Optional if your flight ever shows up".. They went on about how Flops cant get anything...