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  1. flybige

    Flight Info is alive and kicking. Whats going on in the corporate world?

    Glad to see the website is now FREE as it should be. I like the new update as well..
  2. flybige

    American Pilot Disappeared after Getting New Type Rating

    Still haven't heard about it... Ain't right but why are you so worked up about it...
  3. flybige

    FFDO Tax write off

    What is going on with the IRS lawsuit right now against an FFDO? The last I heard about this the IRS disagrees with ALPA and what the FLETC is saying an saying nothing is deductible... IMO it sounds like an IRS agent has a bug up his rear. I wonder how far it will go in court and will it...
  4. flybige

    Spirit has a real union

    Because the pilots wouldn't listen. Some guys are keyboard heroes and love to be rabble rousers. You see them in all the airlines during negotiations. The internet now makes it very easy for mgmt to track. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spirit has a real union

    yeah that worked so well too...judge just sided with mgmt and ordered pilots to fly over time.
  6. flybige

    Sierra West 727 Chief Pilot?

    Anyone know about the job posted on Glassdoor & Monster for B727 Chief Pilot The add says it is for Sierra West Airlines operating under part 125. Didn't the FAA abolish part 125?,can-10852,can,0&WT.mc_n=olm_sk_feed_glassdoor_organic
  7. flybige

    Southwest dropping some cargo carriers from J/S?

    News to me. I'm a cargo carrier and talked to John last month and he said nothing of it. I have Rumors with a capital R of 135 carriers getting booted from CASS eventually.
  8. flybige

    Anyone have a coupon or referral code for Logbook Pro?

    I have used their products for years and the only product they have that uses rest rules is APDL. Logbook Pro and the PDA Companion products do not use rest rules. IMO it is going to be a year or more before the regs get changed; they are out for comment right now and I see the lobyists doing...
  9. flybige

    Logbook for iphone

    I have asked the same question myself. TMK they are working on tweaking the Schedule Importer to work with the iphone. It only syncs by leg right now...It would be nice if they added the sync by day feature.
  10. flybige

    Logbook for iphone

  11. flybige

    Logbook for iphone

    They have never asked me to pay for support. Why did you have to pay again? I love Logbook Pro and have used APDL for the Palm for years and love it. I've only used the support options a few times and it was worked for me. The software's analayzer and reports make filling out my airline apps...
  12. flybige

    Capitol question

    1st year captain (tentative agreement that is not yet voted on) for 757 & 727, $68,363 (DOS), 69,047 (DOS + 18), 69,738 (DOS + 36), 2nd year captain $72,228 (DOS), 72,951 (DOS +18), 73,680 (DOS + 36). First year first officer for 757 and 727, $40,666 (DOS), $41,073 (DOS + 18), $41,484 (DOS +...
  13. flybige

    Logbook Pro data entry service

    Yes, you can carry your times over into Logbook Pro in only a few entries. They also have a service where they will enter your logbooks for you into Logbook Pro.
  14. flybige

    Logbook Pro for iphone

    I am a longtime APDL and Logbook Pro user and have been quite happy with them. My palm pilot recently quit so I was in a bind. I read the reviews and was a bit apprehensive but gave them a shot due to my good track records with them. I am glad I did. The program works as advertised and now I...
  15. flybige

    I've been reminded how much Logbook Pro completely sucks, Alternatives please.

    I've tried it and wasn't too impressed with it. Plus I think Safelog locks you out of your data once your license expires...
  16. flybige

    On demand predictions

    I hope you are right. It would be nice to get some steady flying again. Last month seemed unusually bad for wx down south. My favorite so far has been having to deal with LRD having all the approaches offline except for the fun and reliable NDB...
  17. flybige

    I've been reminded how much Logbook Pro completely sucks, Alternatives please.

    What disc? All their software can be downloaded right from their website for FREE. BTW most software companies have the same policy including Microsoft and Apple.
  18. flybige

    Atlas/Polar Jumpseat I'll forward your request to him...
  19. flybige

    I've been reminded how much Logbook Pro completely sucks, Alternatives please.

    Same thing here Mach Tuck. I have been using them for over a decade and love the program. No complaints here....Plus they don't hit you for fees every couple of years to keep access to your data... There's has to me more to that story...Do tell...