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    FAA Part 135

    A few questions about running a 135: 1. I know it takes a long time to file for and get a certificate for a 135 from the FSDO, so if I want to acquire one can I buy out owner and put my name on certificate as new owner or would I need to resubmit for certificate after purchase? 2. Many...
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    SWA class act

    That was an assumption on my part that Herb's handpicked successor would carry on with his program. So thanks for that info, and yes I still don't have it all figured out. Check Six
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    Yum Brands

    Any truth to the rumor that yum brands is going to close their flight dept and outsource that function to a fractional? Thanks, Check Six
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    SWA class act

    SWA still a class act after years of service. I was on a flight from Oklahoma City to Dallas at 550pm yesterday. 5 older folks of all backgrounds needed help down jetway on wheelchairs. Captain and crew came out to personally escort those folks along with gate agent down jetway. One...
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    I heard 170K avg for captains and 85K avg for FO's. Aviation Week and Space technology advertises that Norwegian is good for the american worker since the new 787 orders support 100,000 Boeing workers. Also save US consumers with low ticket prices to and from Europe. So that is their...
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    NAI just got the green light to compete on transatlantic routes into US. So they go worldwide to get the lowest cost flight crew. But you get what you pay for. Maybe History will repeat itself. Peoples Express and Continental (Lorenzo era) went down with this model. Are we looking at the...
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    Cargo Startup

    Looking to do a new Cargo startup. Any advice on whether it is easier to start a new 135 or buy an existing certificate and launch the business that way. Heard the local FSDO has about a 2 year wait for the certificate. Thanks, Check Six
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    Major Airline Captains, would you recommend career to your son/daughter?

    Overall, the career still has its good with bad but is it getting any worse? Positives: Pay at majors is at all time highs. Pilots are home about 12 to 16 days per months. Two pilot crew seems to be the standard now. The actual job is great work. Negatives: Lose your job due to furlough...
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    Most famous person you ever had on board ?!

    Buzz Aldrin. Just a decent guy. Did not seek attention but gets a lot of that. Check Six.
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    Norwegian Air vs ALPA

    The Norwegian Air business model to bring in crews at half the price of legacy carriers for transatlantic service tees up the Walmart model for pilot pay vs ALPA (We fight for a decent wage for our pilots) battle. Looks like you battle millions of customers looking for lower fares vs ALPA...
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    Single plane single pilot 135

    What is the quickest way to acquire a single plane single pilot 135 cert? 1. Buy existing 135 cert? I have heard that is quick but some FSDO's won't allow you to transfer owners without them basically recertifying the whole operation. 2. Go through the FSDO and fill out the app? I have...
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    Recommendation for Interview United

    Friend of mine who was a Comair RJ Captain for 14 years went down to Miami (I think Pan Am) but I will check with him. He said if he had not picked up a few hours on the 73 sim and received some good prep from their career coach down there he might not have cut it. This from a guy who has...
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    100 hours turbine- looking to buy

    Great Advice from all you guys. Definitely do not want to be known as a PFT'r. SMcC points out the logic behind the negatives of buying your qualifications. I have made a good living over the years as an engineer and could afford it. But flying a Lear 35 for 400 hours on revenue producing...
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    100 hours turbine- looking to buy

    FLexjet wants 500 turbine.
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    100 hours turbine- looking to buy

    I have the ATP, 400 turbojet and 2500 tt. Where can I buy 100 hours turbine to meet mins of some companies hiring at this time? Thanks, Check Six
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    Going from 135 Jet to a Legacy

    I worked at a 135 Learjet operator. It was during the last hiring boom in 2000. Captains that had their 1000 pic turbine went to Fedex (1), UAL(1), Frontier (8) because they wanted to be in Denver, Delta (1). I think doing all the work a pilot has to do at 135 like flight planning, figuring...
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    Golden 1000 PIC TPIC

    With Supply and Demand of pilots favoring pilots more now, is it likely that LCC's will be hiring pilots with no Turbne PIC but maybe 4000 TT and 2000 Turbine? Thanks, Check Six
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    Buy 135 Cert and change base of operations

    If a 135 certificate is bought (including aircraft), can the base of operation be changed by the new owner? For example, if a 135 cert is bought that had been operated from Tampa, be changed to Los Angeles by the new owner? I assume you would work through your local FSDO to do that. Thanks...
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    Captain Pay range for E190: Air Canada 140-160 Jetblue 130-150 Republic 60-120 USAir 100-115 Nice rate for the Air Canada folks. Hard to take that Republic rate. Check six
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    135 Cert

    I own a King Air and want to operate as a cargo carrier for hire. Under what circumstances do I need a 135 certificate? I will file for 135 Cert but from what I gather it may take a few years to obtain. Thanks, Check Six