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  1. TxPilot0878

    Global Aviation Holdings (World Airlines) Bankrupt!

    How deep are the cuts gonna go as far as employment date?
  2. TxPilot0878

    CL-850 Crash Cont.

    The Challenger 850 is the CRJ-200 with several modifications primarily an additional 4000 lbs Of gas that is in auxiliary fuel tanks located between the aft lav and cargo area. The wing is highly critical and should never be operated with ANY contamination on it...nor should any other wing for...
  3. TxPilot0878

    DA50EX pay West Coast

    I instruct on the straight 50 and the EX our clients coming through have pay scales ALL across the charts but the salaries range between low 70's (I CANT IMAGINE) to high 100's. Region doesn't seem to play as much of a part as does Quality of Management and the company in general. Whats...
  4. TxPilot0878

    DA50EX pay West Coast

    I don't like his politics....BUT MAN IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!
  5. TxPilot0878

    iPad as an EFB

    I have had several clients come through groundschool and the simulator recently that have iPads for EFBS. Several were approved through their local FSDO and POI's for 135 Ops. Some guys have had their iPad overs converted/tailored to be attached as kneeboards. Pretty Neat and extremely...
  6. TxPilot0878

    Will SWA and AT truly merge?

    No Such Thing! C'mon...no such thing as a loyal customer I don't care who you are. People and businesses are loyal only to the bottom dollar. Many of the people you think are loyal will be on other carriers tomorrow. No one likes getting screwed or paying more...the service provided at...
  7. TxPilot0878

    ATL job fair

    Your comments are so scattered, off the chart, and assinine that all I can say.......is it Sounds like someone let you in on an Aviation 101 lecture! Don't worry that your 152 isn't a jet it will be one day...Cessna makes jets too! I feel dumber for having read this!
  8. TxPilot0878

    Ram Air Freight - Selling Aircraft

    Was any of this in the mountains in ice? Cry me a river! My inflatable doll (COPILOT and AUTOPILOT) was an inspiration for future aviators!
  9. TxPilot0878

    Falcon 50 PIC pay?

    Things and pay are fine! When someone calls you...then you have a "SOMEWHAT" stable platform to negotiate. We negotiated back and forth and all is within reason...and even though the job was threatened...I did not go below my OFFERED bottom line. Was still hired and don't have to use the...
  10. TxPilot0878

    ATC Initiated Emergency aircraft!

    It did warrant a letter to the FAA! If ATC declares an emergency on you then you are required to submit a BRIEF letter detailing the incident tp the FAA. I researched it and found it was a required document...I would love the FAR...but after submitting it the case was closed. Just a follow...
  11. TxPilot0878

    im gonna say something thay I will regret... I miss Falcons

    I have and will always look back on the FALCON 20 as my favorite ride. I did get the fortunate privelage "COUGH" of flying it as a freighter! But it is a stable platform...sticks in a turn and ROLLS ON...smoothest landings ever...WELL LANDINGS OVER 90KTS!!!!! LOL...just to pick at you KICT BOYS!
  12. TxPilot0878

    What is up at Cherry Air??

    No he was just back on with them...good to see him! That is a party "REUNION" that should be far away from addison PD! LOL
  13. TxPilot0878

    Job in Dallas on climbto350.com

    I am in if BONE DADDYS HAS A Cessna 150....corporate gig and great PERKS!!!! Yes 131 one of us got cut from Montreal at DFW alone last year! As far as Hawkers and DFW go...right now there are alot of upsets...I dont fly them but there are quite a few moves being played!
  14. TxPilot0878

    ATC Initiated Emergency aircraft!

    TRUE! Good guys that we dealt with though no BS just trying to cover their a$$ and protect everyone else. I was very pleased with the resolve and commitment ATC/FAA gave us!
  15. TxPilot0878

    Job in Dallas on climbto350.com

    Hawkerflyer, Very true in most cases and until I worked here I had my presumptions about Simuflite. Actually the contract market is awesome though...I am making more now than I ever would full time...the negatives are no benefits! I wish the best for everyone and "for the record"...
  16. TxPilot0878

    Need help with aircraft comparisons please!

    I was just looking at the amount to be spent...BEST OF LUCK!!!!!
  17. TxPilot0878

    British Airways & CitationAir deal

    Agreed agreed agreed!!!!! Awesome avatar!!!!
  18. TxPilot0878

    Fbo hotties!?!?!?!?!?

    www.fbohotties.com is gone!
  19. TxPilot0878

    Need help with aircraft comparisons please!

    Cabin space, lots of baggage, fuel burn...5.5+ hour airplane on 9100(avg 2400 1st hour, 1800 2nd, 1650 3rd, etc...) pounds of gas at FL410 at .81. Just a consideration. If turboprops and kingairs are your thing then yes the fuel burn and avg. maintenence is somewhat lower! BoilerUP which...
  20. TxPilot0878

    The Best Chesseburger in the United States of America

    FLO's at Chino Airport! Flo's Restraunt 909-597-3416 - Chino, CA 91710, 91710 Talk about a "Greasy Spoon!" Calories and Fat aside this place has amazing food at an awesome price...avg $7.95. The CHEESEBURGER is out of this world!