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  1. CFI2766

    SKYW: still have your PPO?

    Gents, Like the title asks, do y'all still have your PPO health care option? It seems that Inc. is pretty motivated to get rid of the PPO at ASA. Do you still have your PPO, or, have you all been 'transitioned' to an HSA option?
  2. CFI2766

    Atlanta snow?

    Okay, what are your predictions for snow for Friday, 12 Feb at KATL? I predict less than 2 inches of snow. Enough to shut the airport and the rest of the city down. Confusion and pandemonium.
  3. CFI2766

    Come to recurrent armed?

    An interesting tidbit of info: Vehicles are regularly broken into and stolen out of the parking lot of the vendor who hosts ASA's recurrent ground and simulator training. I consider this a clear and present threat to my personal safety when scheduled for these events. Does anyone know of...
  4. CFI2766

    Sincere Thanks, ASA.

    Thanks for the lunch today. Burgers, brats, and pretty good bbq brisket/roast beef. This was appreciated.
  5. CFI2766

    Displacement Irony

    Sad Irony: My original Captain called in sick, and the last half of the trip was given to a junior ready-reserve guy. He was supposed to go off of reserve at 10:00 pm and was called at 9:59. He was in the parking lot getting into his car, when the poor b*****d got stuck with a three day...
  6. CFI2766

    Who are the wholly owned carriers for NW?

    As advertised, I'm a little unclear on who are the wholly owned regional 'partners' for NW/Delta. Educate me.
  7. CFI2766

    ASA Face to Face meetings?

    Posters in crew lounges tonight, 6 Jan 09 Any speculation on the 'meetings' tomorrow with ASA management types and the pilots/fa groups?
  8. CFI2766

    What would happen to SKYW if UAL died?

    He's been known to be a little bit of a fruit loop, but in an interview in this (2009) January's Playboy, Sir Richard Branson discussed the possible future of United. Interviewer: "...the (airline) industry is in utter disarray." Branson: "...Some of the really big airlines that are left...
  9. CFI2766

    Practical cost savings for ASA...

    My contribution to the topic of 'Saving ASA': SLICE THE GO. A-tach, A-tech, whatever you want to call it. I gave myself a tour of the home office last week and was struck with just how many people are occupying space and drawing a paycheck from ASA. There are HUNDREDS of cube dwellers enjoying...
  10. CFI2766

    ASA pilot surplus...

    Well, I'm in jet training. During a lengthy lunch break, I decided to tour the new A-tech (sp?). I found the 'cube that housed the pilot recruitment/hiring folks. Earliest possible hiring is speculated to be mid '09. ASA is currently ~300 pilots overstaffed.
  11. CFI2766

    How should ASA be judged?

    Naiive, I know... I think that ASA should be judged for the performance gains recently experienced. However, every bit as important, I think that ASA should also be judged by how the employees of the organization were treated. It doesn't matter if we, as an organization, post the best numbers...
  12. CFI2766

    ATR's staying?

    Spoke with an FO this morning who had his jet training award rescinded. He showed me the company email, which really didn't give any information other than his already awarded bid had been taken away from him. He's senior to me, and a pretty senior FO on the A/C.
  13. CFI2766

    Thank you, Scott Hall

    Here goes: Thank you Scott. I have every reason to believe that you are responsible for a change to an asinine TSA mandated procedure at ASA. I don't really want to discuss the specifics, and if you work here (ASA) and read your email, and are an FO, you'll know what I'm talking about, but...
  14. CFI2766

    (ASA) FMLA question

    Folks, Over the last 12 calendar months, I've had three absences due to being sick and one absence due to fatigue. Genuine absences, it's not like I've been calling in sick because I wanted to go to the Braves game, etc. Received the 'memorialization' of my unsatisfactory attendance record...
  15. CFI2766

    Awards cancelled at ASA...

    What's this mean? Just 10 200 captains, right? Thus it starts...
  16. CFI2766

    ASA slowing down?

    5 70/(90) captain awards on the last prelim. No other vacancies. On top of that, PREMIUM is announced for the end of Feb for the ATR/50 guys. (?!?!?) ATR FO, once dramatically overstaffed, now has significantly fewer pilots. Mean anything? Seems contradictory.
  17. CFI2766

    ASA MX code red yesterday?

    Did anyone hear/know anything about a 'Code Red' for the MX folks yesterday morning? On C? Required all of the MX folks to drop whatever they were doing and go to C... I later spoke with a MX guy who told me that a FAA guy and one of the ASA MX folks got into a shouting and shoving match...
  18. CFI2766

    Uncle Rico and D-0/ Auto-board

    Soooo, looks like we will now be required to be at the airplane at 55 minutes prior to departure. Thus, 55 minutes of unpaid time now before each flight as opposed to 45. That being said, I really don't mind, IF the net result is progress. We are a scheduled airline, we should be able to get...
  19. CFI2766

    Attrition at ASA after the bonus?

    Being somewhat isolated over in the country club that is the 'D' lounge, I don't know how things are going over in the newly 'refreshed' 'C' lounge. Thus, does anybody have a feel for what the attrition at ASA is now that the TA has passed? Are we still losing around 20-ish a month? Or, have...
  20. CFI2766

    CrewTrac Q

    Folks, What's it mean when a day on your schedule shows up with white letters 'ROE' on an orange background? Did I have a day from my line taken for training? If so, am I on reserve for that day? Do I still get the credit for that day? Do I need to do a pay sheet?