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  1. imacdog

    Piaggio ground handling

    Are they pretty tricky?
  2. imacdog

    63,000 bumped passengers in 2007

    Just saw a news blurb regarding some DOT statistics that came out regarding bumped passengers for 2007. Over 63,000 total between the airlines! That's the highest (not sure if they implied total # or percentage of total travelers) in 11 years. Top honors go to Delta and Continental, so...
  3. imacdog

    Falcons grounded?

    Anyone else hear this? Talked to a couple of friends earlier today and they said a crew landed with a bulge in the wing skin near the root, and all Dassault jets have been grounded for now, pending inspection or whatever else needs to be done.
  4. imacdog

    EMB-145XR guys

    Just a question for the EMB-145XR guys, if you load your plane to the max with fuel, will it vent out the wing? I watched what appeared to be an XJT plane with winglets taking off today, and I noticed what appeared to be fuel venting out near the right wingtip, in a fairly steady stream. This...
  5. imacdog

    2 Stroke reliability

    For those experienced with ultralights, what are your opinions on operating 2-stroke engines? I am looking into the possibility of a larger 2-seat ultralight-style sport plane and am wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are. Do all 2-strokes need to run on premixed oil, or do some...
  6. imacdog

    Fractional bases in the Pacific Northwest

    Are there any Fractional companies that have pilot domiciles or gateways in the Pacific Northwest?
  7. imacdog

    Priority Air in Minneapolis looking for piston twin pilots

    Priority Air is looking for one or more 135 PIC cargo pilots to fly Cessna 310s out of Minneapolis. No weekend or holiday flying. Good runs and good equipment. Pay is $120-$140 per day depending on the run. Resumes can be faxed Attn: Brad Kirby, Chief Pilot, (605) 882-5765. Priority Air is...