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    National Air Cargo

    Unconfirmed But From some company personnel I hear probably a load shift on take off. causing a stall 8 people perished on board. sorry to hear this.
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    Question about differing Transition Levels and Altitudes

    Level v points in the direction down. V points towards Down as In which direction you are going. Same with Transition Altitude A points UP ( direction of Flight) Just My gouge for new jet pilots. take it or leave but it works.
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    1261 days to go!

    Gay SOng it is Gay SOng it is
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    Need plane + pilot at KHOU, Oct 1st

    Are you Sure????? http://forums.flightinfo.com/showthread.php?t=95927
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    Delta and Comair Collide on the ground in BOS

    ASA, Delta? all the same to the public.
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    NetJets Recalls

    omg?? you do realize you are arguing on the internet right? Now I say again , when are the recalls happening?
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    NetJets Recalls

    AGAIN!!!! so when is the recall happening? I'm tired.
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    NTSB: Sleep aids should be OK in fighting pilot fatigue

    sleep is a good thing for sleep, if for some reason you do not get proper rest, call in fatigued. soon the pattern emerges on which pairings are causing problems. if it cost the company money then they will look into it and fix it. if you are the hero and operate tired then you are the...
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    World's hottest airline crews ranked

    http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/hottest-cabin-crew-survey-slammed-572887?cnn=yes World's hottest airline crews ranked But the hot list drawn up by British travelers is "offensive" according to some in the industry By Tiffany Lam...
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    ATA Scheduled Service Changes

    No one is saying I have problems caused by the M&P Asholes, Just wonder why they singled out ATA to wreak their havok, same as the Varig guys and Arrow and I think a few others. Just rememberthis when you are spouting your mouth about problems. "You are just an employee". SO when the...
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    ATA Scheduled Service Changes

    I ran into an old ATA'er in Jfk on on his way to Fargo, looked worn out, but still a great guy, drank beer with one in Chenai India, had a glass of wine with an ATA'er in Jeddah of All places. ATA guys are scattered around the world. One only wonders what could have, should have been had it...
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    1261 days to go!

    Which seat is Yours? Back seat? Ejection seat? Toilet seat? If you own it then just repo it, if you rent it find another place to call home. if you were just allowed to sit in it then the owner can do what they want, if it was truly yours then you should still own it.
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    Virgin America - do pilots have to sign any work agreement/ contract

    Come on NOW!!!! it does Not matter what the HOURLY IS!! What counts it the take home. Benefits, insurance, retirement, sick time, vacation, scheduling. all those add up. how much cash for how much time from home. Compare apples to apples.
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    Sky King info?

    WOW Hoek,,, what has he done to cause this opinion of Capt S? hhmmm do tell. does it include rodents, strippers or exwives? just wondering?????????
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    Requal after extended absence

    Love your avitar pict. I still see her bouncing around the middle east once in a while. I am sure I'll see her on the ramp again during the HAJJ.
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    United Airlines pilot briefly detained after lowerin

    Maybe some of those cool one piece jumps suits from the sixties. Can you Dig it?
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    Spirit TA

    RIGHT ON! Now here is a man who get's it.
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    Spirit TA

    You are due Nothing!!!! You get what you Accept. I hope it is what you want. Good Luck
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    ALoha air cargo

    Pagan, No not new to the Industry. Entered In 1988 US Army Aviation. then Major Airlines and Mech, then Overseas to Gain experience then back to Usa for another Major as Pilot. 15 years later they die. mean while I work as Contract Pilot in the Usa. then I found a good gig at Real Airline...
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    ALoha air cargo

    WOW mighty defensive of a job that pay 288.50 a week!!!!!!!! If you choose to live at that level, it is your right. I agree with you and I will not apply there. Yes I agree again with you. I did not research the gov't definition of poverty in HI. but come on!, do you deserve 288.50 a week...