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    GO JET Airlines

    Does anyone have knowledge how many months and or weeks that the Go Jet Airlines initial ground school lasts ?
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    Republic / shuttle america

    Does anyone know if Republic / Shuttle America has a pilot new hire training contract ? Any news on the current contract issues other than what is in the news ?
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    Expressjet ?

    Follow up So how does that work with the Cleveland - Detroit base structure or any other domicile for that matter ? I apparently am totally wrong regarding how ExpressJet is organized. When you interview do you interview for separate units within the company and by aircraft type or what...
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    Expressjet ?

    CLE - DTW Base I thought ExpressJet had operations in Cleveland, OH for United Express and in Detroit, MI for Delta Connection. Different aircraft types but same company. Just trying to find out if either base is able to be obtained for a new hire.
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    Expressjet ?

    How difficult is it for a new hire first officer to hold Cleveland, Ohio or Detroit, Michigan as a base ?
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    REPUBLIC - Shuttle America ?

    Does anyone know if new hire first officers at Republic - Shuttle America can hold Columbus, Ohio or Pittsburg, PA as a domicile or does it take a long time to get either of them ? Thanks
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    Commutair sign on bonus

    What is the story with the Commutair sign on bonus? When did this start ? Any catches with it or just a gimmick with many loopholes ? This ought to make current flying pilots on line happy
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    Silver airways

    Is the Washington Dulles Base an option for pilot new hires ? And if not initially available what would the average time period be before being able to hold IAD ? Thanks.....
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    Commutair schedules

    How are the current Commutair schedules ? Are the trips commutable Average number of days on a trip Average number of days off between trips How long on reserve or is a line possible after IOE I believe the company also has a different type of pilot bidding system and was...
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    Air Wisconsin ?

    What base can a new hire pilot flight crewmember expect to get initially ? Does it take long to bid Philadelphia PA if not available at first ? Are there talks of any new bases with the upcoming American Airlines affiliation?
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    Air wisconsin ?

    Just inquiring if most Air Wisconsin pilot flight crewmember schedules are built to be commutable or no ? Are the trip pairings 3 day 4 day or more and what is the average day off time in between trips ? Thanks
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    Endeavor air ?

    Are new hire first officers able to hold Detroit, Michigan as a base directly after training or no ? If not what would the average time frame be to bid and hold Detroit ? Thanks........
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    PSA Question

    Where does PSA conduct their initial ground school at ? And what locations do they use for the simulator portion of training ? As a new hire does anyone have any idea how long it would take to bid and hold Dayton, Ohio as a base ? Thanks.........
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    Commutair qol ?

    Does anyone know how the QOL is at Commutair for new hire FO's or other flight crewmembers within the company that commute to either Newark or Washington Dulles ? ( As far as scheduling goes ) I have been hearing that schedules and QOL is poor except for the very senior pilots at the...
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    Schedule Question

    Can anyone provide information on the current trips, schedules, days off and so on at Commutair and PSA ? Real answers and not hog wash comments please. Thanks.......
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    Pilot Recruitment Contacts

    Does anyone have pilot recruitment contact names to address correspondences to for the following airlines ? 1.Commutair 2.Trans States Airlines / Go Jet 3.Endeavor Air 4.PSA Airlines 5.Silver Airways Thanks in advance......
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    Air Wisconsin ?

    Where does Air Wisconsin conduct initial ground school and indoc at ?
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    Compass airlines inquiry

    B6Driver Thanks for the reply regarding Compass Airlines current bases. I thought that Detroit, MI ( DTW ) was a base also and I was checking to see if it was.
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    Compass airlines inquiry

    Just inquiring what the current bases are for Compass Airlines pilots ? Thanks.....
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    Dr Charles Hoyt MD CLE OHIO

    Just checking on Dr Charles Hoyt MD's current status to conduct FAA Flight Physicals. I hope matters are going ok for him. Any update information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks