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    Republic losing 5 E-190.

    Usairways bought them, who said there is never any good news!?
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    Usairways no more profit sharing?

    Flew with a couple of guy's that told me that last year was the last year for profit sharing, any thruth to that?
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    Usapa has to go.

    As an east guy, Usapa has to go, I can't tolerate loa 93 for another xxxx amount of year. Just my opinion. Somebody start a card drive to get alpa back.
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    Usairways hiring 44.

    44 new hire opening for the Mar 2012 bid that came out today.
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    General Lee is being sued!!!

    Atlanta Business News 5:23 p.m. Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Lawsuit accuses Delta pilot of beer-fueled belligerence What happens in Dakar doesn't necessarily stay in Dakar. That is what a Delta Air Lines pilot and a flight attendant know if they've seen the lawsuit filed...
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    RAH cheating.

    Looks like RAH has been booking space positive DH on Us Airways whenever they need to move RAH/Midwest/Frontier crew. Looks like Airways just found out and then ain't too happy. Wish I could provide a source but it came from higher up as confidential.
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    US considering selling remaining 190.

    US Airways is considering selling the remainder of its Embraer 190 fleet, after reaching an agreement with Republic Airways Holdings to off-load a total 10 of the type to the regional airline operator. During an earnings conference call today to discuss a third quarter net loss of $80 million...
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    PDT reduce fleet, furloughs in the future.

    PDT returning 1 lease in March, 1 in Apr, 2 in May and possibly up to 7 more by the end of the year (all 100 ). Also warning of furloughs if attrition does not increase. Sorry for the bad news. Source: Executive letter from the PDT web site from S.F.
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    Best FI post of 2008

    I think this one win, the funniest post of the year.
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    AA to park all A300-600

    DATE:16/07/08 SOURCE:Flight International American to retire A300 fleet by end of '09 By Mary Kirby "] American Airlines has opted to accelerate the retirement of its 34-strong Airbus A300-600 fleet. “Those planes, which we had been planning to retire by the end of 2012...
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    Highly competitive cost structure!!! INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Republic Airways Holdings (NASDAQ:RJET - News), parent company of Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America, announced today that it has received Air Transport World’s prestigious Regional Airline of the Year...
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    New Tsa Rule

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    PDT TO LCC go or stay.

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    Pdt Ceo Is Nuts!!!

    Quote, unquote from "ASK PISSMONT" "I feel our airline is very competitive with our rates and benefits package and believe if we get back on track with our staffing that much of the QOL issues will be resolved". Yeah 1998 pay rates less 8.5% concession... "With the problems we are having...
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    Funny PDT news

    Real transcript from May 22nd Crew News Session with Doug Parker in the CLT Training Center: Topic: Piedmont + Equipment Pfiefle: MynameisJohnPfiefleI'maseniorcheckairmanwithPiedmontairlinesandnowIwillspeakathtespeedoflight Parker: Well, th- Pfiefle...
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    PDT news CLT 5/22

    Or lack of news, I was there for the town hall meting with Doug Parker. Q: what the fleet plans for PDT? A: "The fleet will stay the same" "we are NOT in negotiations with any manufacturers about buying any new airplane” (ATR or Bombardier). The 20 newhire seating there will probably be...
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    PDT town hall CLT With Pres of UsExpress

    The daily said they had a town hall meeting in CLT on the 7th with the new director of express Martten, Was anybody there? What was said? Also what is the news with pay rate for the 70 seater, is the union going to give them rate? Anybody? Anybody?
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    Driving record.

    Anybody here know how to get a copy of your driving record, I had a license in 2 states and tickets in 3 states some are old and I don't remember much about them, however southwest wants you to list all infraction date city ETC, also for at least 2 in Texas I got differed adjudication...Thanks.
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    I'M Not Standard!!!

    I read and sleep most of the time. What callout? About you standard or not?
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    Jumpseat 101 for FEDEX Pilot.

    To: All fedex pilot. Please hand me your ID with your jumpseat boarding pass when you ask for a ride. The last guy made me ask for it and was offended/Pissed off when I asked for his licence. P.S: Because You make more than me doesn't exempt you guy's from showing your company ID.