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    Piedmont HR

    Thread revival... did you find what you were looking for?
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    Latest Regional Headhunting

    I've heard the same thing recently from someone else with their hand in hiring. They're still refusing to hire 50% of their folks with a interview from Compass/endeavor so they're not that desperate yet. They're still looking for someone with the right personality/look to fit in with he pilot...
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    ERJ, CRJ, or Dash 8

    What makes the Dash so... not easy? Hearing people talk, its seems likes its an attrition beast in training. I flew P-3s and T-44s, so half of my logbook is Mulit-engine Turboprops, and I'm considering going to a company that flys the Dash so I'm curious why it's considered difficult compared to...
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    We lost four good people this week

    Well aware of where they both are. The story was reported from Kenya... Info about the crash location is right there in the first couple sentences of the article.
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    We lost four good people this week

    Gotta stop somewhere for gas.
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    Where is this school located? A few years back the Navy consolidated all the IFS training to the P'cola area.
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    Ipad use to communicate with son on det

    Way late to the game, but what specifically are you looking to find out about? What type of deployment is he going to be on? iPad in an otter box type case is way easier to tote around then a laptop. As long as he has wifi available he'll be able to use it to skype/face time where ever he goes...
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    USCG Low Approach

    For the P-3 pics, try contacting VP-8. They sent a plane up on a DFW to Brunswick the day it closed. I'm sure they will be more then happy to hang those pictures on the walls of the passageway in their new home in Jax.
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    UAV Contractor

    Hate to be an OPSEC Nazi for those who do have any clue to the answers these questions but this is precisely the thing the rest of the world does NOT need to know... PA44Jockey-as good as your intentions might be, someone reading this could put 2 and 2 together and kill individuals involved...
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    Pentagon to triple the number of drones

    If you seriously think that the US is intentionally targeting innocent civilians with UAV attacks then you need to do some more homework and check your sources... Since you think terrorist flying planes into buildings is unacceptable, and UAV attacks (and other actions) disrupt terrorists in...
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    Pentagon to triple the number of drones

    You appear to have some background in aviation... was it acceptable when aircraft were hijacked and flown into the World Trade center? Would it have been acceptable if the shoe bomber, or the Nigerian were sucessful in blowing up the aircraft they were on in flight? Is it acceptable for things...
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    Pensecola T-6 jobs for Air Force bubbas

    If pointy nose land is the same as VP, the VTs still won't be all that great for a career regardless which plane they are flying... The best part of the Helo Master plan is that with the expansion of the HTs, a lot of spots opened up in the primary VTs... This is the first time in several years...
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    Involuntary mobilization

    There was a pool in Djibouti as of early 2008...
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    Question for Navy Fixed Wing Guys

    Each aircrafts NATOPS limitations are different. The P-3 NATOPS has warnings that autopilots should not be used below 200ft and has restrictions for use during approaches but does not place any restrictions on climb out. I don't have a copy of a C-12 NATOPS, but it is entirely possible that it's...
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    Pensecola T-6 jobs for Air Force bubbas

    Update: After years of waiting, TRAWING 5 (Whiting Field) has recently received it's first T-6's for Primary flight training. VT-3 (the squadron that trains AF student pilots) is supposed to start transitioning from T-34s to T-6s this spring, with the other squadrons in the wing following over...