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    Seems a little fishy; "power outage at servers of our voting vendor"

    For some reason, this site won't allow me to post attachments and none of the moderators seem to care to respond back to me. So click on the following link to read about what I'm talking about. Seems like deja vu for the ASA guys all over again...
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    "My Vote is NO" sticker

    I didn't come up with this, just reposting it from a friend's FB page. We should all print out a bunch and post them on our flight case, etc etc... (for some reason, I can't post attachments, so here's the link to the pic)...
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    ExpressJet JCBA is complete

    Check your email...message from the JNC/union about it...
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    All ASA pilots...please read!

    Please take a few minutes to read this thread on the XJT side, if you haven't already done so, and let management know how we really feel about the email they sent out this morning about concessions...
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    XJT management at the negotiation table requests.....

    All ASA pilots should visit this thread on the XJT side... http://www.expressjetpilots.com/the-pipe/showthread.php?51428-Let-s-tell-management-what-we-think-of-their-proposal
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    LASA WTF Now?

    Not to mention the fact this seems to be an L-ASA issue, because during the L-XJT days, the MEL (if we even had any compared to the tons we have now after the merger) was pretty much instantly cleared, whereas now it's a 50/50. With that being said, in the end, it is the responsibility of the...
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    LXjet Mec lowers the bar.......

    "...MEC will negotiate with one goal in mind, a unity of purpose, and close cooperation..." My @ss! You guys drew a line in the sand and pissed off many people, including management. And now you come on here to "...ensure all pilot’s interests are represented..." Good one!
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    ASA MEC draws a line in the sand

    "In December, the ASA MEC advised both the Company and us that they will not accept any JCBA which does not have Flightline as the final bidding system for both pilot groups." The ASA MEC is an absolute joke. Time to start thinking about recalling the ASA MEC, especially those on the PBS...
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    CAL/UAL TA Passes w/ 67% in favor

    CAL/UAL TA has passed...67% in favor!
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    CAL/UAL TA Passes...67% in favor!

    CAL/UAL TA Passes...67% in favor!
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    Mesa is the Best regional in August

    Thank you! Exactly what I was about to say.
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    Free 1000 rollover minutes from AT&T for iPhone users

    Text "YES" to 11113020 and receive 1000 rollover minutes! I tried it with my AT&T iPhone and it appeared to work. I am not sure for non-iPhone AT&T users so give it a try! Seems to work for iPhone and non-iPhone users as well...
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    Shuttle America (UAX) still operating flights with CO designator!

    Why do UAX (Shuttle America) flights still continue to operate with a CO designator/flight number even though the courts have ruled this as being illegal!!?? The CAL people need to take a walk over to Terminal A and see the blatant violation of their scope. Where is CAL ALPA?? Here is a...