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    Dispatchers and Diabetes?

    No, no requirement to reveal anything like that. I've known dispatchers with multiple illnesses (cancer, kidney issues, paralysis) which prevent them from operating aircraft but work in ops control.
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    Shift patterns and fatigue

    The shifts mentioned above make me glad I work straight up Mids Monday - Thursday. It's not too difficult to establish a week day sleep pattern since the shift times do not change. Tuesday mornings around 5am fatigue sets in a bit if I don't nap on Monday afternoon. No problem the rest of the...
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    RAH Interview Process

    Easiest interview you'll ever have, just know the answers to the questions..... New Hire - 15.32 YR 1 - 16.43 YR 2 - 17.24
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    Jewish Teen Causes Bomb Scare out of LGA - CHQ Diverts

    I've never seen or heard of this ritual, does it make me ignorant? Some of you guys are pretty forgiving. While this individual did make it through security, with his prayer boxes and no ill intentions, and on to an aircraft yesterday, who is to say that someone with evil intentions and a set of...
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    When does it get unsafe?

    And I've forgotten
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    ATC Job Posting-Not to exceed 13 months??

    There's a chance but most likely not due to the length of the actual application process (ATSAT, Interview, Medical, Psyc and Security check). 31 is the actual cutoff btw. From the time I took the ATSAT to the time I started class in OKC, exactly one year had passed. The shortest I've heard...
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    When does it get unsafe?

    The regional count of 60-65 is fairly accurate. Depending on the regional, 30 of those releases are potentially IAD/CHO or IAD/MDT out and backs or something similar. On some days it may be difficult keeping up but on the standard day, those flights are really no brainers. If you feel...
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    Longest Regional flight?

    E170 - PANC / PADK ...... and then back to PANC. All on one load of fuel
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    Funny Dispatching Stories

    Yea....I have a lot of the "good stories", unfortunately those will never make this board...... Rescue Mission: Broken aircraft in ORF and 70 passengers stranded, aircraft ferried out for repair. Our code share partner calls and begs for us to move a spare to protect the passengers. Crew (2...
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    Funny Dispatching Stories

    We were taking Sen John Kerry to Iowa back around 03-04 and the people who hired us for the charter gave us the wrong FBO information. Upon arrival, the plane went to the FBO which was listed in the charter package...wrong FBO! It didnt take long to realize that they were on the wrong ramp...
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    Funny Dispatching Stories

    Charter out of Carbondale, IL late one evening, I called up the FBO ahead of time and asked them to fuel the Saab 340 to 3400# and also requested they wait for the crew to arrive before beginning fueling. They apparently didnt want to wait for the crew to arrive and began fueling the Saab to...
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    Republic Becomes 50% Shareholder Of Mokulele Air

    A pay scale for nine seat CA is already being negotiated.
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    Stuff that drives you crazy

    Pilots who cry about having to fly an aircraft with the auto pilot on MEL...on a VFR day
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    Expected MESA shutdown?

    JO must be printing his own "bail out" $$$
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    US Airways to give each flier on ditched jet $5,000

    Right and ol' Geraldo is saying that the same issue was the cause of the dual engine failures on Thursday because the "AD" says so....FOOL