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Recent content by sniper

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    WN flight attendants reject TA

    Yourself as well as all of your Gojet or in better terms Blowjet pilots don't hold s--- next to SWA FAs ...
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    The nic is it!

    nice job judge About time Fair is fair
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    New Delta TA 06/2015

    Vote a big NO I am praying it will not pass
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    EK Road Shows

    Has the IRS audit the EK employed American pilots?
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    EK Road Shows

    I thought 777 Fos make around 200k and Captains 28k per month The shiny RJ at 2000 has become the shiny 777 at 2015 How many EK guys getting hired at the Legacies anyway, do you know?
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    United buying more A319/320

    And your crews? Ha we don't want to go there either.... BTW I am not an ex TSA Are you still at Gojet?
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    United buying more A319/320

    I don't know about United fleet but I would say your seating at Gojet compare to the DL buses suck Still at Gojet ?
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    United or American?

    I say try Delta
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    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    You should make him a CEO at Murray aviation or Zantop You should recommend him
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    Delta cutting International flights 3%

    More Airlines to follow ....United , American LH AF KLM BA The cancer from Middle East is here and we need to stop it or we are going to be screwed
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    Former ALPA EXEC Took job Helping Amazon Get their Drones all Over

    You could get elected and come join the party at Herndon if you want. Or you just like to sit and bitch ? What is it ?
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    Germanwings plane crashed intentionally by F/O

    Step one Time for CASS system jumpseat for all ICAO airlines throughout the world Step two Stop putting non pilots in the cockpit jumpseats period . Step three Give the jumpeat where it belongs , to the captain not the agent not the company Having another pilot in the jumpeat will help you...
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    Germanwings Crash. Why No Fires present ??

    He should have failed that test long time ago He has been insane for 6 decades now