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    Flexjet phildo

    Seniority? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. That ones for you DB!
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    Pay farce, smarsh HAHAHAHAH

    Nice to see some things never change. Flex management always compared us to NJA without using apples to apples. More days worked than NJA, less per diem, no healthcare premiums at NJA, etc. All added up to make their total compensation well above ours but at least they made the yearly salary...
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    OneSky SLI Committee

    I have to say the irony of yet another seniority committee at Flex is pretty heavy. I mean we all know Kenn doesn't believe in seniority, and the Red Label programs, which are being promoted as expanding by 200 pilots were designed and intended as an end run around it. So now with the union gone...
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    Vote will be counted right now

    I keep seeing this sentiment posted and don't understand it. The decert voters aren't going anywhere, they either buy into the delusional KR vision, or are the "trapped employees" he talks about in his most ironically named book ever. So the people who will be trying to leave are the pro union...
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    Why does flight options keep crashing airplanes?

    I guess another "safety stand down", er I mean email is in order!
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    Why is Flex/Options/OneSky loosing so many pilots?

    Sounds like they need to tighten things up.
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    Yammer Is Dead

    "Yammer is dead" Was it ever alive?...
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    Onesky Management In The Twilight Zone

    You obviously have an abundance of free time. Maybe you should spend more of it studying your Phenom systems, so the next time you try to land 30 knots over ref with a tailwind on a wet runway with a displaced threshold you won't pull the emergency brake when the airplane won't stop. Just a...
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    One Sky taking over Netjets!

    So, how do really feel?! Haha. I actually heard a rumor you guys might be looking to go back to 1108 as the last round of fighting drained the resources quite a bit. Stranger things have happened I guess.
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    One Sky taking over Netjets!

    Well that's one way to get rid of IBT!
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    You'll be moved...

    No argument here, just pointing out as of right now that info is not correct. Also keep in mind all our promotional material lists the Lear 75 as red label, and we all know that's def not the case, at least as far as crewing. And NJAowner: you didn't mention if it was domestic or international...
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    You'll be moved...

    You've been around this business a long time, do you really think a sales rep has accurate information when it comes to pilot vacations? They may have meant well, or been fed bad information from either management or other sales reps. I know a few G and Global guys and am quite positive they...
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    AA rudest flight crews ever

    Cripple Fight!!!
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    An Open Letter to Kenn Ricci and the DAC/OneSky Management team

    Anyone ever notice when a public company lays off employees their stock price almost always goes UP? Investors only care about one thing, return. If management wants to streamline the business to maintain/increase returns the only ones that see it as a negative are us. And no one's been...
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    SLI. What's fair and equitable.

    Not sure how you derived happiness from that but ok! I'm not happy at all, I just think given the circumstances the SLI is fair for both sides as a whole, which is what we are now. However I do like that this will (should anyway) put an end to KR's special pilot program and put the transfers...