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    FAA Part 135

    What? No emojis?
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    In 10 years AOC says, No more airlines!

    What an opportunity for Frax and charter.........oh, wait.
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    Scotus union ruling

    Although I'm not a big fan of unions, I was disappointed by the outcome of the recent decert vote. When an unscrupulous employer is in a position to compromise safety by intimidating and punishing employees who resist directions to disregard safety driven regulations, union protection against...
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    Scotus union ruling

    It's about time.
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    Bigger than NetJets

    Term limits would be better!
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    Jet Cub flight review?

    l True dat, but you still have to do three landings in 90 days in the Cub to carry a pax in it. Sorry, couldn't resist
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    Why does flight options keep crashing airplanes?

    ...and you take good care of your POI.
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    P-3 Water injection

    Couple of jobs ago I had a classmate who was a recovering BUFF driver. Gave him plenty of gas for the dreaded seven engine approach and the horror of contemplating a seven engine go around.
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    That's lot of investment to qualify an FO. FWIW, this is not a new phenomenon. Almost 20 years ago, I had a new hire show up at my base and proudly proclaim that he had taken 23 hours of training to pass a SIC check in the EMB 110 Bandeirante, which is basically a *****cat to fly and featured...
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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    Judging from the language and syntax, it would take a trip to Pakistan or Bangladesh to work with this guy.
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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    Speaking of Red Label, you've foot to love the ad at the top of the page. Coincidence?
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    Plumber's Crack!! :eek:
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    65-year-old lawsuit

    Retired in 2010 at age 68. Don't miss the 180-190 hotel nights. Don't miss the airline hassles. Don't miss the long duty days and constantly changing show times. Still miss the Flight Levels. :crying:
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    65-year-old lawsuit

    You will NEVER get lost if you follow the money.
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    Landing mins

    I'll bet you meant to write "above TDZ elevation".