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    article on automaton

    This might be good for some discussion. Automation article.
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    Radio Procedures

    Under ICAO standard, position reports are not required when in radar contact. Some countries, like China, expect them either way, although they seem to like abbreviated ones in radar contact. ICAO would have you say each callsign number individually, but other countries do different things...
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    Twa 800

    Wow, a lot of posts by people that have never been near an investigation, never visited NTSB, never talked to any of the investigators, let alone were involved. Get over it. TWA 800 happened the way NTSB said it did, which is unfortunate, as now FAA is pushing full tank inerting and similar...
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    What is "fly by wire"???

    Actually, there is NO backup to hydraulics in any of the bigger jets. There are multiple hydraulic systems, but if you lose all of them, like UAL did with a DC10 or JAL with a 747, all you have is engine thrust to control it. FBW sends signals to the hydraulic actuators at the control...
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    Sawing the MD80 yoke!

    The end result does appear to be the same, and generally will be, unless there are any adverse handling quality issues. Unfortunately, except for the newest fighters coming off the line, none of the aircraft currently flying have really been tested for high gain pilot inputs, so it is a good...
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    Sawing the MD80 yoke!

    Actually, that type of pilot control is well known in the flight test/certification world. A pilot that does that would be classified as a "high gain" pilot, tending to be reactionary, rather than anticipatory in their control inputs. A pilot that is "high gain" has a much higher probability...
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    What is so wrong about "with you"

    The problem with the word "level" is that everywhere outside the U.S. the term is a short form of "flight level", so saying "level 8,000" is a very odd confusion of terms. Better to substitute "maintaining". Similarly, the term "with you" is not so much a problem with English speaking...
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    mystery of Frederick Valentich dissappearance

    Don't believe everything you read. As for the "Bermuda Triangle", the accident rates (including the various "disappearances") in that region are not statistically different than anywhere else. Nothing unusual at all, just a bunch of media hype.
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    Delta Orient????

    Not sure where you got that info, but it's wrong. How did UAL acquire Pan Am routes, FedEx the Tiger routes, etc., etc. Airlines get the routes through bilateral negotiation, and they are then "owned", the airline can sell them with approval, or be acquired, with most, if not all of the routes...
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    747 rotates way down the runway

    Except, since you're talking about a 747, the BOW is going to hover around 400k, TOGW will be significantly bigger numbers. Heck, an MD11 empty weighs over 250k!
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    FedEx Seat Bid

    Thanks for making my point for me.
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    FedEx Seat Bid

    The entire area is _supposed_ to use U.S. phraseology and procedures by LOA (an argument that was actually promulgated by FAA ATS management as a reason the U.S. shouldn't switch to ICAO terminology, you sort out that logic!), and if you look at the country differences, you'll see the local...
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    FedEx Seat Bid

    Carribean, by agreement, uses U.S. ATC procedures.
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    MEM Based Pilots

    I live in Germantown, which is great, but in hindsight, I agree with Reddie 100%. I moved from SoCal, and am enjoying living here very much. Don't miss SoCals day to day life, but miss running on the beach or in the mountains. Course, didn't do that enough to make the rest worth it.
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    Airline Pilots and Fitness

    3 days/week will maintain fitness, but no gain. You need to gain fitness, so a min of 5 days/week, IMO. Aerobic exercise every day, treadmill is probably best, but stair steppers, etc, are ok also, just don't cheat. You can cheat on machines by supporting your weight with your arms, greatly...