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    Avoid at all cost

    This post is so old that I've gotten older, mellowed out, and now feel bad for calling this guy a moron or "dude" 10 years ago. Sorry man hope things worked out.
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    Pinnacle TA fails

    Job well done guys!
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    9E t a

    Maybe politics is for morons, and pilots are the ones destroying the industry.
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    9E t a

    Anyone else getting really sick of political talk on a thread about a TA?
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    9E t a

    I strongly disagree, they will be very nervous if it gets voted down.
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    9E t a

    Inflation adjusted all capt. pay is a pay cut, as is almost all FO pay.
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    Pinnacle pilots can do better

    Most 9E pilots are at their first airline. You don't know words like CDO, highspeed, extend, Junior Man, etc. your first time around (not just talking about streamers, but guys with real prior experience in 91 or 135 operations. You have no idea how "scheduled" and legal to start - legal to...
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    Pinnacle pilots can do better

    You guys need to shoot this TA down. Remember you will not get another contract for 4-5+ years after this turd is amendable. And you won't be heading off to a major anytime soon. This is your life for the next decade...+ . You have been handed a very crappy TA. This thing should be stellar...
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    Gulfstream fined $1.3M for faking pilot records

    Well right or wrong, GIA pilots are building a legacy of involvement with fatal air crashes. It could be that GIA is flooding the Regional industry with pilots and if there is an accident it is probable that a GIA pilot is onboard (probably), or that GIA pilots never got the chance to develop...
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    Colgan 3407 Down in Buffalo

    Hate to speculate, but since we are speculating anyway. Is it possible there was a tail stall. as the nose dropped the crew yanked back to correct from tail stall, the tail regained lift, rapid pitch up followed by a wing stall and spin.
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    ASA Nap Reduction....

    Except the fact that they make people age in dog years.
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    Fox news begins the cruxcifiction/inquisition

    I also heard that they disregarded procedures by forgetting to run the decent, approach, and before landing checklists. ;)
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    US Air type in the Hudson?????????

    at least two.
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    US Air type in the Hudson?????????

    Im sure they contain a "f-bomb" a "holy s***", a WTF?! or a combination of all three.
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    US Air type in the Hudson?????????

    wow! excellent job to the crew.