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Recent content by olympus593

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    Swa hawaii update

    737 service to Hawaii? Lol I'll pass.
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    Found on ..... Facebook?

    Do you seat down when you pee?
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    Middle East carriers order $150B in 777X's emirates cancels A350 order

    It's an indication that you Don t know what your are talking about. The above scenario would trigger a "dual inputs" warning. Hope you enjoy your flip phone and the comfi ride the 73 give you on the transcons.
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    The MRJ is getting closer to first flight - Skywest Execs are Salivating...

    Regional pilots creaming their panties everywhere...
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    UsAirways E190 Upgrades

    As a third lister, I used to feel for the West, the East pulled a fast one on you. But after reading insults like this, F YOU, you can stick my support where the sun Don't shine.
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    Want health insurance ? Not at Mesa

    Mesa sux!
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    MIAMI Crew Hotel

    The Sandbar is a good place to hang out late at night...If you like drunk women with low selfesteem.
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    MIAMI Crew Hotel

    Ha that what happened!
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    MIAMI Crew Hotel

    All the TAM's girl :)
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    MIAMI Crew Hotel

    It is, however be aware the beer machine is gone :(
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    Delta needs to pay pilots more

    But the 737 Sux! Have fun flying that 30 years.
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    Please Take a Screen Shot of Your XJT TA Vote

    Voted yes :)
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    "My Vote is NO" sticker

    Wow JM is a p-u-s-s-y.
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    What do you pack for a trip?

    What he said, but high speed abord should only be done in case of emergency, IE you forgot to pack said condoms.