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    Moses Lake to be test site for MRJ

    Moses Lake to be test site for Mitsubishi Aircraft regional jet Japan's Mitsubishi Aircraft will create a flight-test center at Moses Lake for its new Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), bringing dozens of pilots, engineers and technicians to the Central Washington town, the company will announce...
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    Alaska Air Group (Horizon) Places Order for Q400 NextGen Aircraft

    Alaska Air Group Places Order for Q400 NextGen Aircraft; Confirms Five-Year Heavy Maintenance Agreement for Fleet Horizon Air cements its standing as largest operator of Q400 turboprops worldwide with 52 aircraft - Brings firm orders of Q400 aircraft sold to 499 - Bombardier performing heavy...
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    Load check please

    That's not what the regional forums are for. Stop answering stupid questions like this. Go check your own loads.
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    What do you pack for a trip?

    I've been looking at what I pack lately in an attempt to limit the size and weight of my rolling bag. I'm just curious what others are packing for the overnight. How many uniform shirts, pants?Do you bring a jacket or hoodie? Athletic shoes or work out clothes? Any space or weight saving tips...
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    Flying w/White Dragon

    But don't forget to file an ASAP report after the trip is over. Better yet, keep the hotline on speed dial.
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    XJT CRJ700 hits car at DTW

    Looks like it was just a flap fairing from the position of the car that was hit. Hopefully the ship won't be out for too long.
  7. mtsupilot376

    XJT "Best of the Best" (or not?)

    I agree. No one deserves that kind of pain. There a line in the sand. Don't go there.
  8. mtsupilot376

    Mitsubishi MRJs Delayed Until 2017

    Mitsubishi delays delivery of regional aircraft on certification Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s aircraft unit, which is making Japan’s first regional passenger jet, pushed back the delivery of its first plane by more than a year after delays in certification. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. will...
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    SKYW selling XJT?

    Believe it or not she's only been here 15yrs. (DOH 08/03/1998) She's number 270 according to the July 2013 list. I think we may have a little ways to go before she retires.
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    All ASA pilots...please read!

    Well, considering your side is taking a lot larger piece of the pie than you deserve or are worth for that matter, it might not be a bad idea after all. Actually a better idea would be to cut our losses and liquidate your operation, downsize your workforce, and sell off your assets. You've...
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    All ASA pilots...please read!

    What better time than now to scrap the whole lot of them, decertify the union, and save the rest of us our 2% and whole lot of trouble. To hell with the union. They're a bunch of worthless, spineless thieves. Let me ask, If it were truly beneficial and worthwhile to be a part of their cabal...
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    Latest from ASA/XJT JNC

    That's when you hang out at the law firm for a few years making the measly pay whilst collecting the partner's dirty laundry and closet skeletons then turn around and demand 350k/yr in blackmail to keep them out of jail. If they tell you to pound sand, you sell their secrets to the highest...
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    Are you a cocky pilot?

    Best post so far!
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    Piedmont DHC-8 safely lands gear up in EWR.

    It's not wreckage. They'll probably lift it up, drop the gear, pin it up, drag it back to the gate, MEL the gear and everything else missing from the bottom of the fuselage, clean it, cater it, crew it, and send it off to Allentown for a round trip or five. That's business as usual.
  15. mtsupilot376

    Piedmont DHC-8 safely lands gear up in EWR.

    Accident: Piedmont DH8A at Newark on May 18th 2013, intentional belly landing By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, May 18th 2013 13:07Z, last updated Saturday, May 18th 2013 14:23Z A Piedmont Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-100 on behalf of US Airways, registration N934HA performing flight...