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    Pinnacle is in deep, holy cow

    Unemployment sounds better then that crap. I hope you guys tell them to piss off.
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    Turdz in the punchbowl!

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    Current Regional Bases

    Houston is the number 1. No state income tax and sales tax around 7%. I'm really not sure about ATL, IAD or DTW. ORD is quite expensive, but a lot of fun too. CLE is dying and EWR ranks up with ORD for high cost of living.
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    Current Regional Bases

    ExpressJet has - Houston, Newark, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington and Detroit. Newark is our most junior base for the ERJ and Washington is our most junior CRJ base. We are hiring.
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    XJT MIA Base?

    How about we get that Denver base opened??
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    XJT MEC declares war on ASA pilots.

    How about a new thread titled "Legacy ExpressJet pilots declare war on Joe Merchant". That's one I'd subscribe to. You're a weenie Joe.
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    US air thanks but no thanks letter

    Yes I did think of that. And no, I do not have a 737 type. That said, I've been at my regional for 8 years. I want out. USAirways was never my 1st, 2nd or 6th choice. The fact is that they are hiring, and a little optimism on my part about them improving their awful family feud; and their...
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    US air thanks but no thanks letter

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    US air thanks but no thanks letter

    Reject letter today. Veteran, BA Degree, 6500tt, 3800TPIC, clean record for flight and criminal. "We are fortunate to have many well-qualified candidates. At this time, we have decided to move forward in the selection process with other candidates whose qualifications and experience fit more...
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    Falcon Air Express

    After reading that, I REALLY can't imagine who would ever work for such nickel and dime cheapskates. Run...fast.
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    US Airways attending Aero Crew Solutions Job Fair

    Funny you mention that. I wonder if they are that smart at airways as to keep newhires from bidding the 737? I know the posting says it is for the 190, but others who were in class this year had reported that newhires had openings on the 190, 320 & 737. If I were a RJ Captain with a few...
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    ExpressJet j/s issue ...

    Don't know about Colgan, but no you can't sit in the cabin on the old COEX routes. On the UAX side most agents know how to list you for a Jumpseat, but sitting in the cabin. While technically you aren't allowed, as long as you have been added to the passenger manifest there really is no problem...
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    Expressjet growing?

    If they come over they keep longevity for pay and vacation. They are at the bottom of the list until the two lists are merged, then their old ASA seniority kicks in to land them in the new, combined list. Sounds better than a furlough if you ask me. To each their own I suppose.
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    Hey XJET guys...

    @ Skaff - I've made my point. I'm not about to rebut your inaccuracies. But please feel free to fight merging our two lists. I know I'll be doing the exact opposite on my side.