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    Dulles hotel crew rates?

    Anyone know of any hotels near IAD that offer crew rates?
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    Air Wisconsin to resume hiring

    Just got word that AWAC will start interviewing again in May and first class is set for June 5th. First shot at classes go to the ones who previously had interview dates. Stay tuned.
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    ASA CRJ7 lines worst ever created!!!

    Welcome to Air Wisconsin!
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    schedules at AWAC

    The lines for April have taken a sudden turn for the worse. Two 3 day trips back to back not commutable at either end. Two day trips not commutable at either end. Days off not commutable at either end. Mostly 12 days off. My belief is the company is retaliating against us for refusing their...
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    NWA buys Independence Air Op Cert.

    I heard one of them was on ebay.
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    NWA Small Jet TA

    I'll tell ya. The only thing a flow through program has resulted in from what I've seen is furloughs and career FO positions.
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    Another CRJ tech questions (2)

    That's incorrect. Yes it does cancel the stick pusher completely. Who told you that?
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    Lots to consider....

    There's at least one axe grinding instructor at EVERY airline. You just happen to get the one at your's. A few years back at ACA about half the instructors were axe grinders. My experience has been that usually the abusive instructors are the ones that are bitter because they never made it to...
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    Another CRJ tech questions (2)

    Remember, you can disable the stick pusher by pressing and holding the auto pilot disconnect switch on the control yoke.
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    Car chase on IAD ramp

    No no. Not totalled. It was fixed and returned to service a few months later. Flew like crap though.
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    PDT Base Closures

    Sorry us AWAC guys took ORF from you PDT fellas. If it was up to me I give ORF back to ya.
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    Vacation ideas

    Isn't Colombia one of the most dangerous countries to visit right now? Other than that, I have 1 week off this year and I wanted to go to Italy but sinse I'd only get a few good days there I decided instead to take my wife to Moab, Utah this May to see the canyon country.
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    CHQ to buy CMR???

    That would be pretty low on Delta's part after all the other crap they've been pulling. If that we're true, I don't know that I'd even want to bid on any of their flying if I was an express carrier.
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    Cracked Windshield

    I kind of wonder how one can actually determine from inside if it's the middle or the outer layer that's cracked. QRH: Tap on windscreen. Windscreen pops off. Yes. Land at nearest suitable airport No...
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    Cracked Windshield

    The CRJ's windscreen is three layers. Usualy it's the middle layer that cracks because that's the one that is heated. Never the less when it does happen it usualy shatters to the point where you cant' see out the window. I've never had it happen to me but I hear that it's a loud "bang" and...