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    The vote

    Pay rates for the Aerion should start at $300,000 for Captain.
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    NJA TA in principal reached!!!

    The majors and LCCs are hiring!!!! There are other options....
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    How many hours do you fly?

    I am guessing either the Phenom or the revamped Beechjet 400XT at FLOPS. I know a few Netjets people and they are exhausted from their flying - several on busy fleets like the XLS and the Sovereign.
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    JB app window open Aug 7

    Hey $$$$$, I have a buddy from Bean Town who is looking to get back there (and he believes Tom Brady was framed in deflategate :laugh::eek:). What is the likelihood that he could get BOS out of training and what would be the likely fleet assignment if he got BOS? I have heard BOS is heavy on...
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    What's going on with Allegiant..

    BINGO FUEL! Now I know where Maverick ended up after his stint at Top Gun..........
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    Looking For a Change of Pace?

    Love that catfish!!! :) What's the upgrade time these days at TMC and is the Beechjet the most likely starting place for a newhire?
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    What's going on with Allegiant..

    Oooooooooooooooohhhhhh HELL no! Say it ain't so!!!!!
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    Flexjet Aims Higher with ?Red Label? - AIN

    When do the Legacy 500s arrive?
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    Where are PCL128 and Bill Lumberg?

    I don't work for Delta (although I would like to!) but I had heard that gem of a TA detail from a Delta pilot neighbor and I wanted to verify it. Simple as that. It made no sense to me and I can see how someone could view that situation as either a pay cut relative to other, similar-sized...
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    Where are PCL128 and Bill Lumberg?

    Hey Bill - just curious. Were you OK with the idea that Delta pilots would make something like $30 less per hour on the E190 than the 717 (on par with AA E190 pilots)? Were you OK with Delta E190 pilots being paid less than Jet Blue E190 pilots? Isn't that a pay cut? Was that idea acceptable to...
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    HP Fleet, pay & QOL

    All GVs out of SJC - right?
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    Alelgiant Meet and Greet-ORD

    Really? There are almost too many questions.... Am I wrong in saying that Allegiant's management seems openly hostile to the pilots lately? Are the MDs breaking down daily? Sounds like maintenance could be vastly improved. Are the 757s staying or going? What is the current pilot attrition rate...
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    Heard Delta pilots vote no 65/35

    And now it's time to............ .... replace all of the DALPA MEC members. Too many of them put their own ALPA interests ahead of their constituents. This is a repudiation of their leadership. Time to go fellas.....
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    125-seat Bombardier CS300 almost ready for first flight - more orders in US?

    It certainly looks better than almost anything out there other than the 787 IMHO: But looks don't pay the bills.................. It needs to be flown by a Legacy carrier and we know...
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    125-seat Bombardier CS300 almost ready for first flight - more orders in US?

    SWISS is already preparing for delivery of the first CS100 aircraft. The CS300 should follow in 6 months (mid-to-latter 2016) later. Here's a good update regarding initial SWISS pilot training to develop the eventual training manuals: