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    Southern Air hiring?

    Just a thought, but could I live in Hong Kong and still work at Southern?
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    Air Asia info

    Air Asia hires mostly Malayasian nationals, Indonesian nationals and Thai nationals. In the past they hired some expats directly in to the left seat, however I don't know if they still do that. Lot's on low time guys in the right seat. I believe the pay is pretty low too. I believe they have a...
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    Who is "convoy" ?

    Sunquest or Sunset?
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    Living Abroad question

    Thanks Victor....
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    Living Abroad question

    A question for the Cargo pilots that work for Southern, Atlas, Polar, Kallita or Evergreen.... As an american citizen working for one of these companies, can you live in a foreign land such as Hong Kong. The reason I ask is that some companies airline you to where the aircraft is, I wondered if...
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    Hawker 900XP study aids

    Hi all, Does anybody have any personally or company put together study material for the Hawker 900XP that they wouldn't mind sharing. I would like to add something different to my collection of manuals and checklists from FSI. I have used an Oral study guide for the Hawker 800XP from the guys...
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    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Is this the Fisher scientific out of Watham, Mass? I believe they crashed a Citation II ( or V) in Carlsbad California, several years ago. I know one of their board members was on board, he may have been hitching a ride from Sun Valley in someone elses plane, which is common.
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    Go to ATI or stay at the regionals?

    I think you know the answer to that question. Granted, you'll be flying steam gages again however you'll probably see more light at the end of the tunnel at ATI. Plus it's a change of venue, something new to wrap your head around. Good Luck in whichever you chose.
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    De icing from a dispatcher's perspective

    Thanks, That's helping me form my outline.
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    De icing from a dispatcher's perspective

    That's what I figured. My dilemna is that our schedulers have no dispatch responsibility nor training. The company inhouse training is more geared to customer requirements. Thanks for the link, that helps...
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    De icing from a dispatcher's perspective

    Hi all, I'd like to get some of your input for a project I have. I've been tasked to set up an informative de icing class for our schedulers. This is not a dispatch position and we do all our flight planning through Universal flight planning, as well as our pilot briefings. This is not a USA...
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    Flight Department going to uniforms - QUESTION

    I've gotten a lot of uniform supplies from these guys. Black or Navy Blue pants are a personal choice. I have noticed that black pants are easier to find and replace if you get a tear on the road. Also, the gold braid shoulder boards are available anywhere...
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    WestWind Type

    It's been a while but there aren't too many gotchas with this plane. Pretty straight forward. The one thing that sticks out is that the when you finish the sim and get in the aircraft, you really have to get a feel for how heavy the nose is. My first rotation in that plane was about a thousand...
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    Gotcha! – Santa Monica, CA (KSMO)

    It ususally is 5000 ft because of Burbank departures, but you're right it is a slam dunk. It's been like that for over a decade. In the summer time you need to watch out for the Hollywood Bowl because it is usually not allowed to fly over because of noise, if you call the field in sight from way...
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    B 707 Cargo Crash

    A Sudanese B 707 cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Sharjah airport. All six on board died in the crash. I did a little research on the 707 and found they were built up to 1979 and that more than 60 are still in operations, primarily in Africa. I thought it weird in that the some...