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    H1B visas?

    hold on to your seat if this is true indeed......I can see the regionals renamed Indian Airways...********************-tone of Indians will jump on this wagon and probably offer to pay if given the opportunity.....god help us! (make america great again?) probably not!
  2. GSXR600

    Colgan Air (Lacrosse)

    they were advertising for a 300 Capt in St Pete FL recently....good thing they didn't call! Timothy Colgan is the contact person.....
  3. GSXR600

    Buying a Piper Cherokee

    Hello guys, Just need a little advice on this. I am a first time aircraft owner and looking for a nice and clean PA-160, this baby will be based in South Florida. I will probably need a good mechanic on my side that I can trust to buy the right aircraft. Any place you guys know that I could...
  4. GSXR600

    Citation X Pilots Needed - Southern California

    type rating req??
  5. GSXR600

    Jetblue application window is open

    let the corporate greed shine once again.!! But of course there is always the need to keep the share holders happier every time so lets keep taking the money from the employees!
  6. GSXR600

    EK Schedules

    BTW.....how does it work over there for new hires? I heard someone saying (don't know how accurate this info is) that new hires stay as cruise pilot for a long time? so take off and landings mostly done on the sim? .....how often new hires are on the sim for recurrent? how long before you can...
  7. GSXR600

    Part 91 Mandatory Retirement

    New mandatory retirement age: Part 121 and 135 = Age 65 Part 91 = Age 70 This is followed in eastern countries +/-!
  8. GSXR600

    Opportunity for CRJ Pilots....

    i didnt know the details sorry....and BTW, i dont think noone out there will pay 12k a month for FO position on a CRJ unless you are a CA (may be), but who knows!! in any case thought someone may be interested, I've been doing the xpat life for the past 4 years on Asian countries and so far no...
  9. GSXR600

    Opportunity for CRJ Pilots....

    For those of you that will like to try expatriate life here ya' go!!....Jakarta is a party place I've flown there before!! This is thru Rishworth Aviation Good Luck! Contract Term: 2 years, renewable Location/Base: Denpasar, Makassar, Medan, Balikpapan or Jakarta (subject to the airline's...
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    Flexjet is through all recalls, hiring off street soon.

    Recalls No sir.....no one is called me yet! Or the cookie fortune didn't apply for the rest of us!
  11. GSXR600

    Did SW flt # 345 just gear up?

    Glad everyone is ok......wonder what happened
  12. GSXR600

    Did SW flt # 345 just gear up?

    hope everyone is ok
  13. GSXR600

    Iranian overflight

    flown over few times no issues what so ever like previous post. do keep your charts out for a contingency plan, and respect the radio calls requirements at FIR crossings,.....you should be fine.
  14. GSXR600

    New Delhi flight

    Read the NOTAMS, I believe Bahrain can not be file as an alternate, only as destination, heading west bound north of Saudi overflying over Kuwait do read en-route notams, there is a re-route to the North of Iraq ending up on the North of Syria (can't remember well) this is what I remember from...
  15. GSXR600

    ERJ 145 CA needed with 300 PIC wanna go to china??

    ERJ145 Captains (Upgrade to the EMB190) - PAID FOR BY THE AIRLINE Upgrade from the ERJ145 to the EMB190 aircraft - PAID FOR BY THE AIRLINE Compensation: $152,000 USD/year + Overtime + $8,000 USD / year for international flight tickets Must be under 56 years of age and have a minimum of 300...