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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    Been there, done that, got the T-shirt...
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    Expats @ Regionals ?

    Even 1 is too many!:angryfire:bomb::uzi::puke:
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    GO JET Airlines

    Just say NO to HO-jet...:beer::smash::puke:
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    Latest Regional Headhunting

    Whoa, say it ain't so!:beer::bomb::eek:
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    Does your friend like sellouts?:puke:
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    Latest Regional Headhunting

    Only, if you're not wearing cowboy boots!:beer::laugh:
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    Piedmont HR

    1(800) SELL-OUT(s)! :smash:
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    Silver airways

    Why go to Hojets when Silver is hiring???:D:confused::nuts::smash:
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    Skywest Aircraft

    The SA-226 and SA-227.:nuts::pimp::bomb:
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    Republic TA

    God bless, BB
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    Expressjet ?

    The first officer was wearing cowboy boots.:beer:
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    What Would You Do?

    Preach it sista!:beer::pimp:
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    Expressjet ?

    I think he might just be Gerbil Fleas BFF...?:beer::laugh:
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    REPUBLIC - Shuttle America ?

    Just wanted to make sure...;)
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    Republic TA

    I know how to read them, and I don't work for BB, but thanks for your "concern".