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    To unionize or not to unionize. That is the question.

    Find an example -- just one -- of a union pilot group that voted to do away with collective bargaining in favor of a more "direct relationship" with management.
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    New Delta TA 06/2015

    See what I mean?
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    New Delta TA 06/2015

    Looks like Instructordude just got himself banned over on APC as we type. Maybe if this place would have gotten it's act together a few years ago it wouldn't be the ghost town it is now.
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    New Delta TA 06/2015

    You're kidding, right? Compared to this place, APC is a MENSA meeting.
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    New Delta TA 06/2015

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    New Delta TA 06/2015

    Instructordude: Get a life. And stop infecting APC. You're not funny. Eveyone knows you're a troll.
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    just flew a 3-day with "special radio voice guy"...

    You mean they're a crown prince on the radio but a chimney sweep off the air?:D
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    NewsAvia reports SWA seeking route authority in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

    Wow. Service that GRU and GIG. And you can get there after 5 stops and be full of peanuts. And bags fly free.
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    Delta cutting International flights 3%

    SWA has international flights like McDonalds has haute cuisine. The Caribbean and Mexico don't really cut it. Not really a "dichotomy" as the markets are completely different.
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    Germanwings plane crashed intentionally by F/O

    So Islamic terrorists take down a plane, and rather than take credit for it , they keep it a secret? To what end?
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    Unnecessary verbage

    Ireland and Germany for now, but it's a start.
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    Unnecessary verbage

    Someday, about 10-20 years from now, we'll have CPDLC like Canada and Europe.
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    Jb is a cult

    Kool Aid.
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    Babysitting the airplane

    No pilots are required to remain on at Delta. FA's with pax, yes (obviously.) The last time I recall that requirement I was flying a DoJet -- which had no automatic APU fire protection.
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    Question for Delta Guys...how does "promptly" work for you?

    We (DAL) have "general vicinity," which means you can't be in another city on short-call. The unwritten call-out time is 2 hours. NYC and LAX are special cases, one only has to be within "2 hours" of one of those airports.