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    NetJets Pilots Get TA

    NetJets pilots engaged in a mid-term bargaining effort and got a Tentative Agreement that includes; -Increases in 401(k) match to 63% over the life of the Agreement -Creates a Non-Discretionary Contribution 401(k) Mechanism which allows additional funds to be added outside of the 2019 $19,000...
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    No Teamsters at Flexjet!

    You guys are hitching your wagon to a train that has consistently failed at its mission of growth. FO at its peak was near 1300 pilots. Ricci comes back and you are what now, 570? He kills companies, he doesn’t grow them. He will never succeed because he constantly and without fail derides...
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    Another perspective on the decert

    You are delusional. You are full of alternative facts and you will WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY get what you have coming to you and so will the 318. Our industry has a long memory for sell outs, just ask a scab- fairly certain flex has a few working at your bottom feeder operation.
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    The Moving Goalpost at Flex

    I feel sorry for the next guy that barrels off the end of the runway, has a catastrophic failure that bends metal or hurts someone or for just the inadvertent error that results in an investigation. You think the company or Ricci is coming to your defense?! LOL, you are the problem- the...
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    No Teamsters at Flexjet!

    Members in good standing (i.e. dues payers) have withdrawal cards, the rest of you self-interested dumb a$$ pilots will find employment at unionized carriers challenging. There are a bunch of truck driving schools looking for candidates but you may want to save some money to pay for that training.
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    The hit no one saw coming

    At the end of the day, we are all sad for you and the pilots that will ultimately pay the price for this decision. You know not what you've done.
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    IBT Withdrawal cards

    I have inquired and they will issue withdrawal cards for members in good standing (i.e. those who have paid dues). This will be good to have on hand for potential employment at unionized carriers.
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    No Teamsters at Flexjet!

    Frac, You are correct on a few points, but your blame is slightly misplaced. First, history is going to repeat itself which is why the industry is largely mocking you guys. We have already seen the Ricci show at Travel Air/Flight Options before and we know how it ends. The majority of his...
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    NJA Pilot for DECERT

    You are misinformed. Hope that you all plan to spend the rest of your careers at FlexJet. You aren't welcome anywhere else.
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    Another perspective on the decert

    Well said, there are very few pilot groups that could sustain the full frontal assault KR and his many hired firms waged over a period of years. We must all fortify our ranks. These #aholes will be knocking on our door soon.
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    Vote will be counted right now

    Squawk, Shouldn't you be gone by now? Collect your spoils and get out of this industry. You won't have the same success elsewhere.
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    An attack on our industry. Union busting at Flexjet

    Unfortunately, Lumpsum just got paid. 318 morons over at Flex. I sincerely hope they all plan to stay there because I never want to share a cockpit with the likes of them.
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    You can’t fix stupid

    You are bigger moron than I originally thought if you think seniority means anything under KR without a union. Get on your knees and stroke the man because that is the only way you are going to get anything now.
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    You can’t fix stupid

    I "trust" that KR will f*%@ the majority of them over and they will realize that "trusting" him was one of the worst mistakes of their careers.
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    Lumpsum, So, is that how you get paid if you and your despicable hired hands actually bust the union? It isn't a name any pilot would ever choose.