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    JetBlue Ab Initio Program ?

    Depending on the numbers, it may be...
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    JetBlue Ab Initio Program ?

    I don't believe I accused anyone of being a hypocrite. What I said was rather more nuanced. We all started at zero time, we all needed tons of training, this program (if it even comes to fruition) will be one of what appears to be at least seven paths to B6, and (from what I can tell) it will...
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    DCA commuter hotel

    My sincerest apologies, it's the Residence Inn Arlington/Pentagon City. I knew it was one of Marriott suite properties. Anyway, the crew rate depended on availability, but the location is hard to beat.
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    DCA commuter hotel

    Fairfield Inn by the Pentagon at least used to have a crew rate of around $65, Hampton Inn a little further down was around the same.
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    JetBlue Ab Initio Program ?

    Is it not fair to say that we were all at one point "non-pilots" who needed such training? That being said, if the union is opposed to it, that's their prerogative, they don't need a good reason...
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    21 Air 767 F/O Spot ?

    Tradewinds had A300s, as I recall.
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    JetBlue Ab Initio Program ?

    Interesting perspective.
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    JetBlue Builds A Farm ?

    I thought hipsters were more into apiaries?
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    Pilots and their guitars

    Well, I was thinking of taking up the trumpet.
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    Pilots and their guitars

    I barely have the energy to carry my two bags, let alone something as fragile and cumbersome as a guitar.
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    JetBlue Ab Initio Program ?

    They were talking about this back in 2006-2007 when the fears of an "upcoming shortage" were not limited to the regionals. Then age 65 happened, and put the kibosh on about everything, so...
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    Congrats to the RAH pilots and Union

    I'm a former RAH pilot, and my sentiment is slightly different. I was only there for around 15 months, but the sense I got was that people were so beyond tired of nearly 8 years of this nonsense that absolutely anything would be voted down. The majority of the group was in full Foxtrot Uniform...
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    Aeroflot Recruiting Expats

    Sorry, didn't see your question before. I suppose it's something in between. What speaks in their favor is that at least they survived all of the country's turmoil, managed to run a professional enough operation to join Skyteam, fly good equipment, and have enough government backing to where I...
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    Spirit Airlines: Updates

    Uninterested in what?
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    EAL back in business

    I'm with you. Put in nearly 13 years in Minneapolis, I'm done with "seasons".