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  • Find yourself a guard or reserve unit & start building time & experience. The civilian route is long, hard & expensive. If you want to fly helicopters become a U.S. Army Warrant Officer and have the most fun possible with your clothes on! Good luck!
    Hey There,

    I was reading your post in the WO flight section and saw that you were an Air Interdiction Agent. I am a prior service Marine E-5 in helo maintenance now A&P worked for the airlines after I got recently laid off. I found myself drooling over helicopters again and wanting fly. I was also looking into fed law enforcement and then I met an Air Interdiction Agent. I think you have the coolest job ever. Would it be worth going Army WO or finance my wat to get into Law Enforcment Aviation or ultimately becoming an Interdiction Agent? I have talked to recruiters and they say I'm good to go for it.
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