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    ExpressJet JCBA is complete

    so what are the details or is everyone just speculating
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    American Eagle Junior Bases

    To answer your questions. Ive been on RSV in ORD for over two years. Even with the flows and people jumping ship I wouldnt count on seeing a line for at least 18 months. Theres no chance in hell youll get 100 hours a month on RSV, especially in MIA. If youre lucky youll get 30 hours. DFW and...
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    Rah losing AA contract

    Back to topic. Does anyone have any REAL sources for this or is this another baseless rumor?
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    Endeavor to hire 300-400

    Good luck with Endeavor. You can see how well it worked for Eagle (wanted 600, got 150 this year) and they are arguably a much better airline than these guys.
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    Starbase Aviation in Houston

    On an old thread from another forum someone mentioned the schedules are like the fractionals and they'll airline you from your home. From what Ive gathered that seems a bit far fetched and idea if its true?
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    Starbase Aviation in Houston

    Sorry to necropost but was curious if anyone had any recent info on them.
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    Psa ta

    jesus guys. please vote no on this
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    Any "Latest & Greatest" About Atlas?

    I know this is a broad question but which aircraft has the best QOL?
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    Eagle reserve in LGA/JFK

    I think NY bases have a 3 hr call out.
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    Best Regional Right now

    The $10k was a rumor floating around a few weeks back. It is not true. Signing bonus remains $5,000.
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    DFW Commuter Hotels

    Ramada north of the airport, $40 out the door. Has free breakfast, internet, and workout room, plus a few places to eat nearby.
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    Go jet

    thats only if you get hired as a street captain. you sit 3 months in the right seat to get a feel for things.
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    Anyone know of a list of retirements by year @ different airlines Yeah 65 just add 5

    how accurate is this? 400 retirements at United this year seems a bit high.
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    For the love of Pete Great Lakes!!

    Why does any of this matter?
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    For the love of Pete Great Lakes!!

    But what else are the sky nazi's going to complain about?