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    Senior Discount at Flexjet?

    If someone with multiple checkride failures ever has an accident / incident that is a huge liability for Flex. Look at the Colgan accident as proof. Or are they mitigating this by keeping people in the right seat for the duration?
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    All Flex (One Sky) Pilots

    After 18 years and part of the FOK club, how is PD still a first officer? Is it because he couldn't get through his Lear 45 type ride?
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    From the Money Hungry, Dues Extorting Thugs at the IBT 1108

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ All pretty gutsy for a guy who couldn't through a Lear 45 initial.
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    A Beechjet landed 19 minutes before them without incident.
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    My bad. Pictures on the local news look like it’s at the end of runway not the side.
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    Another aircraft overrun in Bend, Oregon today. 354FX this morning.
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    The next 5 yrs at Flex

    It's not just Red Label that are running planes off of runways. Google N362FX. Merry Christmas
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    You would think blatant disregard for tailwind limitations would at least get them an FAA careless and reckless violation which would make Kenn happy as they are never leaving FlexFlop Jet with that on their record.
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    What has been the fall out for the crew from the other over runs? What about the one in Sugarland while landing with a 13-19 knot tailwind?
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    Flightaware shows it’s in PDX now.
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    The Onesky leadership is at it again.

    But will he get through the training???
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    Cabin crew out of control

    Lead F/A made a PA hoping that the pilots wouldn't be at FL370 150nm past the MSP airport. :D
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    SLI. What's fair and equitable.

    He had to get special help to get through his Lear 45 training. Might take him years to pass any other bombardier type ride.