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    Rhino Aviation

    I hate to call you wrong again, but I never got banned yet. Some people get busy and have to work for a living. Your brother included...:rolleyes::rolleyes::smash:
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    How to pack for 10-15 days?

    In a lot better job?:beer:
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    Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)

    Hey Special G-Farce, Speaking of concepts. Whatever happened to you son? Little G-Farce?? :rolleyes:
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    Rhino Aviation

    Hey Special dude, I am pretty sure we have "proven it" on past post...:angryfire:angryfire:uzi::bomb:
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    How to pack for 10-15 days?

    Hey climbhappy, That is one sick post!
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    Rhino Aviation

    Special G-Farce was fired from every Part 135 Operation in the country. There is no way anyone in their right mind would hire him...:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire:uzi:
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    Hey Special G-Farce, You must be drinking the Cool-Aid again. I hate to tell you, but I was never banned...:angryfire:angryfire :angryfire:uzi:
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    Little G-Farce... Little G-Farce, I saw everything now...
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    G-Farce fird again... Hey frostyboy dude, Special G-Farce also got fired from that operation... He could write a book on every 135 operation that gave him the boot... :angryfire:angryfire:uzi:
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    US LR 25 Missing after departing MMTY

    Mexican Crash Probe Focuses on Legal Issues Questions about the legality of the Learjet flight that cost Latin singer Jenni Rivera and six others their lives when it crashed December 9 began almost as quickly as the accident investigation itself. The 1969 Learjet 25–registered in the U.S. to Las...
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    Baron Caravan down in Wichita.

    Baron Caravan... http://www.kansascity.com/2012/11/06/3902849/fedex-plane-crashes-south-of-wichita.html Godspeed...
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    Fair Wind Air Charter Info ?

    Hey Special G-Farce dude, Why are you always so negative? It must be bad being such a little man in a big world. Did this company also fire you butt??:laugh:
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    Sky Limo....on their way out of business......anyone heard this...?

    Ditto, Everyone would be a lot better off with the 134.5 operators gone...:beer:
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    Delta Private Jets

    Delta Private Jets... I am willing to bet a lot of DPJ pilots are throwing a big party right about now...:beer: