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  • I guess the mods already deleted that post. If you are referring to another one please point me in the right direction. I by no means would intentionally attack you on the open forum.
    Either way, they are down to 4 "Major"'s....

    Either way, they are down to 4 "Major"'s. USAirways need merger to survive, AA needs is to exit BK. One will note make it. Careful what you wish for Eric.

    I am assuming you mean this one. I was referencing DOJ Secretary Eric Holder. I will edit. Sorry for the confusion.
    I have no clue who you are. Nor did I put a post with your name. I will go back look through my posts. Can you help by directing me to it please. Not sure how that would happen. As I said I have no clue who you are. Sorry ahead of time.
    Hello Drinks- I hope all is well. I appreciate that you may know who I am, but would appreciate if we could be a bit discreet on these message boards. I would be more than happy to pass along any information that I know. Please nuke the post with my name- it would be hugely appreciated. Although many could probably figure it out on their own, there is not need to aid the mentally inept in this quest. Thanks and I appreciate your understanding.

    Best Reards,
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