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    Senior Discount at Flexjet?

    I just got an auto-generated email asking me to congratulate one of my distant LinkeIn connections for starting a new job as a first officer at Flexjet. When I looked at his profile, I saw that he graduated college in 1970. Wow. Just ... wow.
  2. Dooker

    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    I'm no expert, since I left Flexjet two years ago, but I'm pretty sure the only way a senior Flexjet guy would ever make anything close to that is on Domestic Red Label. And only by agreeing to waive the various work rules that applied to the rest of the fleet. But you're saying that guys at...
  3. Dooker

    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    It's telling that you adopt the mantra of a serial womanizing liar who demands blind loyalty from those around him but offers none himself, who surrounds himself with flunkies and yes-men and who has yet to keep a single promise he made during his campaign. And don't even get me started on Trump.
  4. Dooker

    No Teamsters at Flexjet!

    My crystal ball says recession in Q4 of 2019 or early 2020. And you know how well the fractional industry weathered the last recession. Add to that the fact that the economics of the frac model don't really make sense anymore. AND the fact that the frac industry has been shrinking overall in...
  5. Dooker

    Another perspective on the decert

    The biggest issue at Flex--a huge percentage of tools in the ranks--never would have happened had the fractional industry not been in such horrible shape. No matter what flavor of moonshine the sales departments are pedaling the fractionals are shrinking and have been since 2008. Bombardier...
  6. Dooker

    Vote will be counted right now

    Rather than band together with those around to try and build something worthwhile you've thrown your lot in with a serial liar hoping he'll reward you for turning your back on everything that makes this profession a profession in the first place. Good luck with that.
  7. Dooker

    Vote will be counted right now

    You are a laughingstock and deservedly so.
  8. Dooker

    No Teamsters at Flexjet!

    Congrats on crowning yourselves the biggest tools in aviation.
  9. Dooker

    Vote will be counted right now

    I knew there were a lot of tools there, but never would have guessed there were that many. Glad I got out when I did.
  10. Dooker

    Paid testimonial

    From Wikipedia: In 1999, Tarkenton was fined by federal regulators as part of a securities fraud sweep. According to the LA Times, "In Tarkenton's case, the Hall of Fame quarterback and 10 other former executives of his computer software and consulting firm, KnowledgeWare Inc., were accused of...
  11. Dooker

    Best ways to leave Flexjet

    Give your old uniforms to a homeless person living under a busy underpass near an airport.* And congrats, by the way. *Assuming you're accoutered in that clown costume they foisted on everybody a few years ago.
  12. Dooker

    An attack on our industry. Union busting at Flexjet

    Lumpsum, as in, he gets a huge lump sum from Kenn Ricci if the decert drive succeeds. Probably not even a pilot ...
  13. Dooker

    Kenn Ricci Is Not The Problem

    Sorry, man, but I have to disagree with you. Kenn Ricci is a symptom of a greater problem and that problem is a group of pilots who've lacked cohesion since day one and who've grown so accustomed to singing for their supper that they can't imagine life any other way. Why this was the case at...
  14. Dooker

    Kenn Ricci Is Not The Problem

    Man, that sucks. That was my old fleet and it's sad to see those gals kicked to the curb. Sad, but not surprising. What is surprising is the number of people I flew with back in the day who are still hanging on there. People with the experience and qualifications and years left to get the hell...
  15. Dooker

    Improvements under the union contract at Flexjet

    Wow! Single-engine raw data finally went away? Good for you guys. I never could understand why the schoolhouse clung to that. They always told me it was 'cos the FSDO wouldn't let them change anything but I always suspected it had more to do with penis measuring than anything else.