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    Pay farce, smarsh HAHAHAHAH

    GIVE US 1 YEAR..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Thats all you got, but I guess it will be a nice production video, That video ate up your pay raise, HAHAHAHAH The Teamsters might have suked, but look what you have now
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    160 pilots hu? Got a long way to go. Keep trying

    April new hire class of 6 who made it past the first week, NONE ... aka 0.....were recommended for their Checkride . WHAT QUALITY WERE HIRING AT FLEX
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    So Were FAMILY now hu?

    I’ve worked for Ken for the last 20 plus years, I’ve never heard that i’m “Family” before. This is a new one
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    FLEX Lear, Phenom, Challenger 300 pilots

    How do you like your pay raise? Oh your not Red Label, Now you really know where you stand on the big FLEX totem pole, yup at the bottom.
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    If the 1108 goes away...

    what i find funny, Wolkie looks like he is at or above 60 years old, he will be long gone by the time the no-union pilots figure out they don't like policy changes via email on a Friday night, and 4 am phone call walkeup to fix scheduling screw ups Flex pilots-Remember the TIER 1,2,3 airports...
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    If the 1108 goes away...

    I dare somebody to tell of one company on earth where a Challenger pilot makes more than a Gulfstream pilot......just one, ill wait so you challenger pilots have the most to loose if this contract goes away. At RTA, they had a 6/5 (for a few) and a 6/4, ...........IT BECAME A 8/7 all after...
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    1. Get rid of current union.......Been there, done that! 2. Try life without a union or a contract by forming a pilots council or somesuch group to act as a liason between pilots and Mr. Ricci. Wow....yup we had this too, the pilots on the "Council' had a 'Special" deal.....they worked a 6/5...
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    Frank and Phil and that group dont want to run a union, a vote for them is a vote to cancel the union all together. As far as an in house union, just a little simple math will show we dont have the numbers
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    Well said from VUH

    In all seriousness tho, we should not make the same mistake the company did during the last drive and not take this seriously. I'm sure Frank will easily get a couple hundred signatures. We need to make sure we are talking to everyone we run into and finding out what their concerns are about the...
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    Arm chair quarterback much, Ricci told you that your way better than the lowly FLOPS pilots hu.
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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    Shttt, 1 or 2.... we have all the kings men running this show, both sides, try 10-15
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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    Yea that one still rattles my brain, the "Going after NetJets" concept. How does he really, or does he really think he can go after NJ. Were smaller than we were 18 years ago RTA/FLOPS , and were smaller than we were 2 years ago RTA/FLOPS/FLEX. I heard that we lost 100 pilots (FLEX/FLOPS) since...
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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    If this MCBA isn't good, there will be no Section 6, he's not negotiating now, why would he all of a sudden negotiate Section 6
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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    give it time, its Ricci.....