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    Despite union opposition, Flight Options moved forward...

    Industry standard wage..... What would that amount be?
  2. dashtrasher

    Piedmont HR

    Could someone give me a PM for a contact info at Piedmont. Not looking for employment. Former Piedmonster with some questions for HR. Thanks
  3. dashtrasher

    Ibt files for single carrier . Flexjet/flightoptions

    Question I have is a non vote counted as a no vote or is it just not counted?
  4. dashtrasher

    Dedicated aircraft at Flex?

    KR himself attended the signing with Gulfstream and provided the news release quote. No pics or quotes from Flex leadership. ahh, isn't KR the head of Flex leadership....
  5. dashtrasher

    wheels up

  6. dashtrasher

    FO/Flex how would you vote to integrate??

    It ain't a tiny group buddy.
  7. dashtrasher

    FlexJet / Flight Options / SkyJet

    Why weren't any Flex jet pilots chosen? It would be a pay cut.
  8. dashtrasher


    Then I guess you haven't been listening to many statements in this thread.
  9. dashtrasher

    FlexJet / Flight Options / SkyJet

    What do you think about the CL300 in Flight Options Doesn't really look like Flight Options colors to me, looks more like XOJet colors. Just the angle I guess..
  10. dashtrasher

    FlexJet / Flight Options / SkyJet

    Heard October.
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    FlexJet / Flight Options / SkyJet

    Well I don't think your butt is that big, but that is just the opposite of everything we've heard.
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    FlexJet / Flight Options / SkyJet

    Just heard that XOJET is trying to put in a bid to acquire FO, ain't that some crap if that happens.....
  13. dashtrasher

    FlexJet / Flight Options / SkyJet

    You are wrong. They get to vote. Look it up. Really can't as we don't have a copy of you're contract. Instead of just telling him that he is wrong, you could prove it to him by posting that section of your CBA.
  14. dashtrasher

    FlexJet Pay/Workrules/Benefits???

    Please don't ask what the Flight options policy has been for the last 15 years for holiday pay. Isn't every day a holiday?