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    Pay farce, smarsh HAHAHAHAH

    I am completely confused. I remember KR saying getting rid of the Union would save millions and he could give the pilots raises. If you combine that savings, the pilot shortage and a growing economy this compensation package falls short!
  2. cougar12

    Pay farce, smarsh HAHAHAHAH

    The scariest part is “this is only the beginning” Flex On!
  3. cougar12

    Flexjet phildo

    WOW! Can you say SCRAPS! From what I am hearing Management over sold the new compensation package. Not really much there to talk about unless you want to talk about bonuses being reduced if you don’t won’t to destroy your home life. Same Old management you can trust them all right, not to do the...
  4. cougar12

    Flexjet phildo

    [moderator edit] it’s been over a month since the Union was voted out. I still haven’t seen or heard any mention of the 20% across the board pay increases you said 2N was going to give the day after the vote. Please explain why or are you going to say you never said it?
  5. cougar12

    OneSky SLI Committee

    Fair and equitable, LOL! What ever they come up with will be a popularity contest (they will call it a majority vote). The top 10% don’t care, those on the G’s don’t care, those hired after the merger don’t care What ever system is favored by the pilots that do care and vote will be selected...
  6. cougar12

    Getting Info From Both Sides

    Lumpy, You have to be Management or very simple minded pilot. The IBT treasurer has no choice but to send those letters it is in the contract. Sending those letters merely begins a process. The process allows a pilot a chance to have his/her questions and concerns addressed. In the end, said...
  7. cougar12

    Before Frank sold his soul

    That’s what hundreds of people have learned the hard way from employees, vendors, customers, and business partners “ if you don’ like it sue me”. Can I have another helping of “Culture of Trust”?
  8. cougar12

    Paid testimonial

    LMAO!, I wonder if He felt that way about The NFL players Union? Just shows you your position is influenced depending on what side of the fence your on.....employee or employer.
  9. cougar12

    Everyone Needs Pilots!

    Interesting, sounds like RH burnt his bridge at SWA! I guess he thought Chief pilots at other airlines don’t care about their relationship with pilots like V.P.’s of speacial programs.
  10. cougar12

    Fears and Visions

    No, You have to apply, then they interview in senority order but they still select who they want. They are suppose to let you know why you were not selected so you can dispute the decision or work on your short coming(s). The program is a sham it is a way around the contract at this point in time.
  11. cougar12


    You have crisscrossed the country and flown numerous rescue and pop-up trips while logging very long, arduous duty days. But now, you have reached the last day of your tour when you can look forward to going home to spend time with your family and friends, setting work aside for a few days...
  12. cougar12

    Fears and Visions

    Vote International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division! Anything else is indentured servitude Lumpy ask Siri to explain it to you.
  13. cougar12

    Teamsters = Professional Pilots ????

    Lump your foolish, one of them was previously fired for his Unionizing activities! He had to fight to get his job back. So how would you suggest he leave? I am pretty sure he won’t be looking for a letter of recommendation from anyone in Onesky Management! This just proves a “Culture of Trust”...
  14. cougar12

    You Must Hear Both Sides

    Copied from another Author The company wants a direct relationship with you, without a contract. Ask the company if they'd like a no-contract relationship with our customers, one based on "trust" with no contractual obligations. Contracts are for grown ups, and you are a grown up. - - -...
  15. cougar12

    A tale from of treachery...Staring Ken Ricci

    Hogprint, Ther are hundreds of pilots at Flexoptions that wish they would have left when you did. Some of us stayed and fight to make this a great place to work! However, in hindsight the lack of support from our fellow aviators has made any progress really long and contentious. So, here we go...