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    Hope you're doing good.

    A while back we had discussions in regards to VX, and you had some pretty interesting things to say for Virgin. In a lot of ways you were right, the company did restructure internally, converted debt to equity (including decimating our Employee Holdings LLC in the process), and IPOed a few weeks ago. Since then, apparently Wall Street loves VX.

    I was curious, what do you think of this, and what do you think of VX going forward? You had some good insight that did end up being true so I'm just curious what you think today.

    Personally, I think in 3-10 years we'll merge. The DOT probably won't approve anything with Delta/United/Ameican, but amongst the LCC arena my feeling is it will be Virgin-jetBlue. Long term, even jetBlue will need to merge with someone to better compete with just 3 legacies.

    What do you think?
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